About Us

Knife platoon has been working on outdoor activities for more than 25 years. Since 1997, we have been teaching our nation about hunting and fishing and the secret of our success and patrimony is simple: fishermen and hunters like great stories which cannot be described better than knife platoon. 

We aware and motivate our audience by uploading a daily story on knifeplatoon.com, our facebook, instagram pages and other social media channels. The main aim is to celebrate outdoor activities like filleting a fish, hunting through expert journalism’s service and captivating the explanation. Knife platoon is part of periodic risk.

Our Quality Leadership

This website is led by chef’s editor Colleen. The Colleen is associated with brands that’s why knife platoon has been nominated 8 times for national filleting awards. 

Our team has hunted fishes in the United state of America and other six continents in the last 5 years. Furthermore, some members of our team have also contributed in various outdoor publications, served as experts on television exposure and innovative books of hunting, fishing and other rustic activities.

Our Experienced Writer

There is no way to describe a good story without a good writer. That’s why the knife platoon has always created a point to publish very good articles regarding fishing activities. 


Platoon knife’s editor David celebrated his 3rd year anniversary with knife platoon in aug 2022. In his 90s and still he is a very active person, David is a highly knowledgeable and great personality fillet knife writer. He has a complete understanding of fillet knives and His writing style is his own — blunt and erudite, with a wit that’s just shy of deadly. 

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Alex Alana

Alex Alana is a head of the writing department of knife platoon and he has been performing his duties for the last many years. She has speciality to write on hunting and filleting of fish. Alex Alana has features of how to stories, commentary, regular hunting column, gear reviews for knifeplatoon.com.

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Shaun Tait

Shaun Tait is a novel award winning person and has been one of most creative writers of knifeplatoon.com for 5 years. He has been a health and safety columnist, outdoor skills columnist and survival columnist but still he did not get lost in the forests of various states. He has won the two time national magazine award for his articles posted in knife platoons.

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Kris Paul

He is another experienced writer who covered hunting, fishing, filleting and outdoor for more than 6 years. His works have been published in knife platoon for the last 2 years. He lives in lethbridge and calgary cities with his wife, pet, two adult childrens, 12 fly rods, 5 canoes, 2 pairs of kayaks, pair of powerboats and other beautiful fancy birds.

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