Best Electric + Manual Fillet Knife For Crappie Fishermen

Once you have mastered what makes you a professional chef is definitely the identification of the right and special tool for all kinds of fish and food, you need to know well which knife is suitable for which fish. Filleting process is as important as catching the slightest mistake or carelessness can ruin all your hard work. If you want your whole process from catching to eating to be successful, you never have to compromise on cleaning or filletting which is possible only when you have the right equipment.

As we know, crappie fish are smaller in size than the standard size, which requires some special tools to fillet, which is actually a challenge to select. To overcome this, we conducted extensive research and collected recommendations and suggestions from real-time fishermen. And we personally experimented with the knife they suggested because we needed them for our restaurant as well. The knives we’ve gotten good results from are being shared with you so that you too can benefit from them, here are both manual and electric knives which are considered to be the best for crappie.

Most Recommended Fillet Knives For Crappie

Best Overall Choice

Proctor Silex Fillet Knife

Best Premium Choice

Hamilton Beach Electric Knife

Long Cord: Hamilton Beach Electric Knife

This is the most suitable electric fillet knife with stainless blades which are considered good for making accurate slices and filleting crappie. It requires very little effort to maintain because it is very easy to sharpen and keep clean. This electric knife should be our priority for cutting crappie and other meats as it provides very smooth filleting results than others.

Using this knife you can feel like a professional chef because its grip and handle allow you to hold it tightly and cut or slice anything exactly. Another feature is its light weight which increases its tendency and attracts the user most, very useful for continuous work as it does not get tired quickly.

Its 100 watt electric knife is known for its excellent one day backup, which gives you comfort and ease in your daily work. This saves you time and effort on your filleting tasks, and allows you to make more cuts or slices in less time.  

To keep its edges sharp and secure, it offers a storage box to secure knife and fork, allowing it to be carried anywhere in your pocket. A fork is a bonus that comes with it which is suitable for carving and serving.


  • Stainless sharp blades
  • Comes with a fork and box
  • Lightweight 
  • Fully controlled and comfortable handle
  • Makes filleting easy


  • Not suitable for heavy use

Final Verdict:

If you want or need an electric knife to fillet crappie and other meats, this is your best choice and you don’t have to go any further, as its stainless blades are quite durable, which Provides long lasting comfort. I personally found its blade and long cord extraordinary when I applied it to cut foam (crafter), huge turkey & 4 hams. Its fork and storage box are extra features that help a lot in carrying or keeping it anywhere.

Five Ft. Cord: Proctor Silex Easy Slice Electric Knife

Not only its name but this electric knife is really useful for making easy slices as well as can be used for fine filletting, cutting meat and even vegetables in the kitchen. Its serrated stainless blades testify to the fact that it does not require much effort at work but makes chefs feel very comfortable while cutting.

It is designed with a strong but lightweight material that does not allow it to gain weight, and the only thing a chef needs is that no matter how much workload he has, he does not get tired due to his tools. The handle plays an important role in the comfort of the user as it gives a strong grip without slipping and increases its value, moreover, it has an On and Off button that makes it safe to operate the knife without damaging your hand.

One of the biggest problems chefs often encounter with other knives is that the length of the cord is too short which makes filleting difficult, but this 5 feet long cord knife offers a solution to this problem so that it can be used easily.


  • Budget-friendly knife
  • Serrated stainless blades
  • 5 feet long cord
  • Ergonomic Non slip grip handle
  • Can also be used as a foam cutter of seats cushion


  • Overheating issues

Final Verdict:

You will get a wonderful product in the form of Proctor Silex Electric Knife as it works well in crappie filleting and other crafts. Its stainless blades work longer and are more comfortable holding the handle, with the start button at the top which I personally find helpful to use as needed, using the same buttons we can turn it off to avoid overheating.

Short Coil Cord: Mister Twister 120v Electric Knife (Green/Yellow)

Mister Twister Best Electric Fillet Knife

This is another amazing product that comes in dual colors (green and yellow) which is famous for its speed and control that it provides to the users throughout the work. As well as being multi-colored, it is also known for performing a variety of tasks precisely, including filleting, easy cutting of meat and bread.

It comes with a 120V powerful motor that speeds up as much as a chef wants to accomplish tasks without compromising on quality. One of the advantages of this is that the work is improved as much as possible at a constant speed, at the same time the size can be cut as required. But a motor needs a good source of power for good performance, so if we use it in outside areas it can be a big challenge.

Its stainless blades are durable and sharp because they are easy to remove and we keep them safe and clean after filleting which makes them more reliable in further usage. Its handle is also a source of comfort as it provides the strong grip that is needed to get control over it.    

Another great feature that I think every knife should have is the safety lock that is fortunately available in Mister Twister Electric Knife, very useful for preventing sudden damage.


  • Unique Color
  • Safety Lock
  • Durable stainless blades
  • 120V powerful motor
  • Easy to hold handle


  • Short coil cord

Final Verdict:

It is able to do more work on fish filleting than you can imagine, I have been using it personally for years without even changing the blades. I used this gem for roasting meat, crappie and turkey. The most amazing feature is the trigger which is well designed and easy to push. Dinner is no longer a battle with Mister Twister as it is not only for fish. The only downside is the coiled cord, it would be more valuable if it came with a straight cord, moreover, this knife is perfect.

Long Power Admirable Cord: Rapala Deluxe Electric Fillet Knife  

Power Supply of electric knife for walleye

Here is a special selection for those who want to fillet a crappie with an electric knife, with various features it is becoming more and more popular among professionals. In a short time it enables you to easily make the right pieces with its stainless steel blades which have very sharp and irregular edges.

With its excellent working ability, its appearance and color are very unique and its light weight especially attracts consumers. The handle is in dual colors and is designed to fit in each hand, reducing the chances of slipping and ultimately giving us a smooth filleting. 

The Cord length is long enough to reach the tailgate from a truck cigarette lighter plug, one of my friends personally tested with a truck battery and found great results, it will make your filleting easy as well. The only problem is that the case has to be a little bigger because it is always difficult to bring it back.

The biggest advantage of an electric knife is that you do not have to work hard, you just have to turn the knife button and place the fish on the cutting board and keep cutting the pieces to your desired size, its motor will help you to work longer.


  • Long-lasting motor
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Long power cord
  • Comfortable handle grip
  • 110V AC, 12V Post Clips & 12V Lighter Plug


  • Powerful adapter needed

Final Verdict:

It is the most comfortable and easy to use knife because its blades come out easily for washing and maintenance purposes so that it can be kept sharp for a long time, and the length of the cord is quite admirable, allowing us to plug into the boat’s socket. It’s worth the money when you’re cutting up that many fish, so I’ve suggested that you use it for sure.

American Angler PRO Electric Fillet Knife


Let’s take a look at its features that will convince you that we have chosen the right knife for crappie in our list. With its lightweight and fast working capabilities, you will be able to fillet more crappies, it will not only increase your productivity but also develop your skills that’s fruitful to you becoming a professional chef.

If you have a lot of work and you want to work constantly then this may be your choice because its air flow system keeps it cool and ready to work all the time which a chef needs. So it’s good to choose a knife like American Angler PRO that does not heat up quickly and stays with you at work all day. 

This knife has the power to operate crappie faster and smoother than other heavy duty knives, its torque speed enables you to feel quite comfortable working on big bones. With its features it has been able to convince even those who have been accustomed to using manual knives for many years, it’s superior to them and simplifies the process of removing skin from fish without much effort.

After checking the filleting performance of its two 8 inch blades I was amazed at how it beautifully cut bass and crappie into pieces.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Two-year warranty
  • Two 8 inch blade
  • Much faster than heavy duty knives


  • No color variety

Our Suggestion:

Since it is a well-known brand that has offered numerous quality products, and a choice of many professionals, I recommend that if you want to get comfort on fishing trips, move towards it. Its blades, handles, and motor provide easiness to make good-sized cuts of crappie because I’ve personally tested it on over 500+ fish in a year, and I found it much better than other heavy duty knives.

Mercer Culinary Millennia Eight Inch Narrow Fillet Knife

This is a great choice for those who are looking for a knife on a limited budget and believe in manual work and feel more comfortable doing everything themselves. 

Its ergonomic handle gives it a strong grip to hold it properly which is essential and cannot be compromised, as good filleting depends entirely on it, it hurts if it slips. It also facilitates us with finger points at the beginning of the handle which works well to prevent slipping and strengthen the grip so that it can cut pieces with full force without any fear.

Its high carbonic long blade is extremely sharp and never needs to be sharpened again and again and is capable of accurate and smooth cutting for a long time. The edge of its plain blade cuts faster than other ordinary knives so it allows you to do more and better work in less time. 

In a very low price range, it caters to the needs of every professional and non-professional chef with its features.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Ergonomic handle
  • High carbonic long blade
  • finger point
  • Maintenance cost is very low


  • It does not come with a sheath

Our Suggestion:

Although its blade is sharp and it never needs to be sharpened, you need to take care of it, because it already comes without a sheath which is a flaw that cannot be ignored. Without it the chances of the blade rusting and its edges deteriorating quickly increase which is worthless. Rest of the knife is perfect, I personally used it before going for the electric knives, if you want to use a manual knife for crappie you can reap the benefits with its features. 

Berkley Electric Fillet Fishing Knife

This is another great option for filleting crappie which is very convenient and comfortable for users as it allows them to carry and grab anywhere without any distortion. This knife is considered the best choice if you want to use it in outdoor areas as it is an AC and DC powered knife which does not pose any major challenge like other knives, as it has its own 12V vehicle plug and 110V standard plug that treats all power supply problems.

For added convenience, Berkley offers two sizes of blades 6 and 8, which are longer lasting due to their corrosion resistance and are useful for making custom fillet pieces. Perfect filletting is possible not only with a sharp blade but also depends on the grip of the handle which is possible only when it is designed with good material which gives strong grip without slipping and all these features are found nicely in this electric knife handle.

To carry two blades, two plugs, clips and a knife itself, Berkeley offers a storage box that makes it easy to carry and handle all of these items. As a safety precaution, it has a safety button that helps to prevent accidents during filleting and protects users’ hands.


  • Comfortable and convenient
  • AC and DC powered knife
  • 6 and 8 inch two blades
  • Vehicle plug and Standard plug
  • Storage case


  • Less motor strength

Our Suggestion:

Its motor does not have enough power to work for a long time, so buy this knife only if you have less filtering work. It is a less recommended knife than others, but if you have a limited budget and work, this is an option for you, as its two blades and plugs make filleting easier anywhere and you can feel comfortable using its features including handles, safety buttons etc. 




Best 7 Fillet Knives for Crappie 2023 Comparison Table

Image Product Details   Price
Hamilton-Beach-Electric-Knife Hamilton Beach Electric Knife Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Brand: Hamilton Beach
Color: Black
Handle Material: Plastic
Blade Edge: Serrated
Check Price
Proctor-Silex-Easy-Slice-Electric-Knife Proctor Silex Easy Slice Electric Knife Recommended Uses For Product: Kitchen,Carving
Brand: Proctor Silex
Model Name: Easy Slice Electric
Special Feature: Lightweight
Check Price
Mister Twister Best Electric Fillet Knife Mister Twister Electric Knife Brand: Mister Twister
Special Feature: Stainless Steel Blade
Age Range (Description): Adult
Check Price
Power Supply of electric knife for walleye Rapala Deluxe Electric Fillet Knife   Brand: Rapala
Special Feature: Stainless Steel
Age Range (Description): Adult
Handle Material: Plastic
Check Price
AMERICAN-ANGLER-PRO American Angler PRO Electric Fillet Knife Brand: American Angler
Model Name: Pro Titanium Electric Fillet Knife
Age Range (Description): Adult
Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Style: Titanium
Check Price
Mercer-Culinary-Millennia-Eight-Inch-Narrow-Fillet-Knife Mercer Culinary Millennia Eight Inch Narrow Fillet Knife Blade Material: Alloy Steel
Brand: Mercer Culinary
Color: black
Blade Length: 8 Inches
Check Price
Berkley-Electric-Fillet-Fishing-Knife Berkley Electric Fillet Fishing Knife Recommended Uses For Product: Vehicle
Brand: Berkley
Model Name: BCDEFK
Special Feature: Stainless Steel Blades
Check Price

Best Fillet Knives For Crappie – Ultimate Buying Guide

It is important for you to know some of the factors that should be considered in the features of a knife that you choose. Here is a guide to help you choose a knife that must have features that cannot be ignored and some features are fine even if they are not. Choosing a knife from the list of 7 best knives is still not an easy task if you are not aware of the features that are essential for filleting crappie. After reading our guide, you will definitely be able to make the final decision on which knife meets your needs.

Ultimate Buying Guide


Knives should be made of standard materials as quality cannot be compromised, it directly affects your comfort as bad quality will cause the knife to deteriorate quickly and you will have to re-invest. 

First we need to check the quality of the blade, which should be made of stainless steel which is resistant to corrosion and helps to prevent it from rusting. It also affects the sharpness of the blade, you will feel the need to sharpen again and again and you will have difficulty in making crappie slices properly.  

Second you need to check the quality of the handle which should be able to provide a strong grip with resistance to slipping, as filleting requires good knife control.


To achieve lasting peace you need to choose a knife that requires less care as it will also cost you time and money. Choose a knife whose blade is easily removable and you can easily clean and sharpen it. 

Here is some maintenance tips

  • Wash and dry fillet knife after each use
  • Do not put electric fillet knife in the dishwasher
  • Do not store knives with other metals.
  • Clean the knife with vegetable oil.
  • Use light pressure when sharpening
  • Protect it from rust

Also Read:


Pricing is very important as not everyone can afford a high priced knife, so choose a knife that caters to every need on a low budget like Mister Twister. If you are a professional chef and you have a large quantity of fish for the fillet, you should use an expensive knife for long term comfort, others can invest less according to their own pockets.


A good knife is identified by the durable material used in it. The steel should be strong enough to dare to flatten the biggest catfish. Plus, it should have the ability to do fillet jobs continuously for 8 to 10 hours on a daily basis without breakage. You just have to focus on the blade and handle sustainability before buying a fillet knife.

Cordless or Corded Knives

Both cord and cordless are good and have their own advantages, you can choose according to your taste. If you choose a knife with a cord, consider the size that should be good, the small size will prevent it from plugging freely. The cordless knife gives you a free hand to use anywhere you want, it doesn’t require a power source. 


Since safety comes before anything else, safety is very crucial when choosing any product (especially an electric knife). As electric knives work faster and blades are sharper, there is a risk of getting a blade on the hand. But for safety purposes, it comes with a trigger button that automatically turns on and protects us in the event of a fall from your hand. 

Easy Operation

Some people want easy work that does not require much effort, it is only possible if you have a tool that is easy to use and be able to make fast and smooth slices of meat, fish and vegetables than an ordinary knife.

How to Fillet a Crappie with an Electric Knife?

Here we define the way to fillet a crappie with an electric knife that you can follow. 

  • Keep a crappie on the cutting board
  • Always choose an angled cut to save meat in the upper part of the head
  • Start from the high point of the head and move straight to the pectoral fin, which is ideally cut at 45 degrees.
  • Make straight cuts till backbone
  • Do not cut the spinal cord.
  • Twist the knife toward the tail and cut it straight until the tail begins.
  • Turn the fillet now, and hold the piece in which it is still attached to the skin.
  • Cut the fillet from the skin from the tail part
  • Flip the fish and follow the same process for the second part.
  • Keep the fillets in cold storage


How Can I Sharpen My Knife For Crappie?

Sharpening a knife is not a difficult task, although crappie requires a sharp blade so it must be well maintained. If you are using an electric knife, it is better to sharpen it with an electric sharpener which works well for you, and for manual you can use the bottom of a porcelain mug or plate.

What Do You Do With Crappie After Cleaning?

Cold storage is needed to keep the crappie fresh, so place the crappie in the freezer as soon as possible after washing. If you are traveling outside where the freezer is not available, use salt ice.  

What is the Best Way To Fillet Black Crappie?

It’s just a difference of color, everything else is the same as the usual crappie, like body texture, so apply the same method to fillet the black crappie as well.


Choosing a knife is just as difficult as grappling fish, it takes a lot of effort and time to make a decision, because any wrongdoing will waste your money and time. To wrap up your quest, we’ve reviewed the top 7 manual and electric knives for crappie that are the choice and recommendation of professional fishermen and chefs. 

Manual and electric are two different types and have their own demands, some people prefer to use electric knives with wire and some are advised to use cordless to get rid of the cord. For beginners and older cooks it is recommended to use a manual knife as electric knives require a lot of control and power to make proper cuts.

After reading a buying guide, we were able to learn about some of the aspects that must be in the knife that we would choose for crappie, including quality, accessories, price, care and much more. With all these features in mind, we would like to make two suggestions from our list, if you want to go with the electric knife, choose the Rapala Deluxe or American Angler PRO knife, and if the manual knife is suitable for you, choose Mercer Culinary.

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