Top 8 Electric & Manual Fillet Knife for Trout Review 2023

Trout fish is considered a delicacy in homes and restaurants and is one of the most eaten fish in the world. But unfortunately most people do not have a good knife to cut it which spoils its flesh. You can flatten simple fish in the kitchen with any ordinary knife as it does not require much effort. Trout are larger than normal sized fish so it takes time and knives that are specially made to fillet it. 

If you want to enjoy trout fish more, choose the suggested knife for its proper cutting which easily breaks the bones and meat into separate parts. Throughout this article we have collected 8 best fillet knives that can fill any size trout accurately and put it in front of you. So Don’t waste your skills, just focus on choosing a great fillet knife that can further enhance your ability.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall Choice


Kastking Spartacus Fillet Knife

Best Premium Choice


PLUSINNO Fishing Fillet Knife

Kastking Spartacus Fillet Knife


  • Polymer UV resistance handle
  • Super Molded sheath
  • Sharp blade edges that keep it on top-notch
  • Ultra sharp stainless steel blade with chromium content


  • Often have to sharpen

This elegant looking kastking spectrus is available in the market at a very reasonable price which allows you to prepare a variety of trout fish But the condition is that you must know the right way to cut it. 

If I tell you about its blades which are Made of  8Cr14 stainless steel that allow us freedom of deep cut without any hassle. Its sharp edges specialize in separating the flesh from the skin. However, You will be glad to know that kastking has used a high carbon chromium coating to protect the blades from rust which keeps it strong for a long time.

If you prefer safety and comfort then try kastking polymer handles, it will provide a strong grip without tiring your hands. Its non-slippery texture of the handle prevents us from painful accidents. Besides, It is more tolerant of extreme temperatures than others.

Most knives have a sheath that keeps the blade safe, something like this molded case kastking has been introduced for the safety of its users which is lightweight as well as durable and prevents the blade from rusting.

Final Verdict:

As we’ve tested, kastking is a suitable knife for trout fish because its handle fits easily on hands of all sizes, giving it the freedom to work longer. Trout skin is a bit stiff so it needs a sharp blade and this quality is well found in kastking. Its nice fitting sheath further enhances the identity of this model. It turned out to be one of the best fillet knives for saltwater and freshwater trout fish. Highly recommended at a very reasonable price range.

Calamus Stainless Steel 9-Inch Fillet Knife (G4116)


  • Elegant design and razor sharp stainless steel blades
  • Cheapest price
  • Lightweight comfortable Golf handle 
  • Excellent nylon sheath available
  • Best for kitchen , hunting and chef usage


  • Handle rubber do not withstand 1500 degree temperature

If you’ve been looking for the perfect fillet knife for trout for a long time, this is where your search ends. Calamus 9 inch long knife can be very helpful in cutting and filling this big fish. It is so flexible that the fish can be fillet from head to tail very quickly and easily.

One of the top steel G4116 german with corrosion resistance has been installed in it that most brands use because of knife durability and blade safety. Its top edges can help you with several tasks like filleting or steaking fish to complete the work immigitely.

There are four different sizes available in the market 5, 7, & 9 from which you can take many jobs like boining, skining and among others, but the noticeable thing here is which kind of work you want to take from them, so that the knife can be chosen accordingly.

Trout fish whose skin is harder and thicker than that of a normal fish which requires a comfortable knife to cut accurately without gettig your hand fatigue. Keeping this hurdle in mind, Calamus has come up with a non-slip comfortable handle of golf style which makes it quite easy to prepare trout.

The purpose of the Nylon sheath is to protect you from dangerous cuts and rusting of the blade. The sheath holes maintain proper air circulation to prevent odor and remove excess water when washing it.

Final Verdict:

From our personal experience, the perfect thing in this knife is an ultra sharp blade that is enough to make every fresh and saltwater trout fish. It can cut the meat of this big fish accurately and present it to you as a delicious dish. With its different sizes you can also properly control kitchen items like chicken, beef, vegetables etc. It is available in the market at very affordable prices so go and take advantage of this amazing product.

Rhinoreto Flexible Fish Fillet Knife


  • Unbreakable flexible blades
  • The combination of black and blue color make the knife attractive
  • Safe rubber handle provides a solid grip
  • Lightweight sheath for storing the knife


  • The blade dulls after a long time.

Rhinoreto become one of the best chef fillet knives for cutting, boining and steaking of world famous fish trout, salmon etc. This durable, comfortable, lightweight product comes with a sharpener that allows us to sharpen the blade after use. 

You will feel satisfied using its non-stick curved blade which simplifies your filing process. With its extremely sharp blades, you can quickly handle a group of trout without any hindrance. Rhinoreto blades are made of durable and solid stainless material that never breaks even in difficult tasks.

Its non-slip rubber handle ensures that you can control almost any fish found in the ocean other than trout. Nature-made hands vary in size, but you don’t have to worry because the rhinoreto’s secure handle fits all types of hands. It doesn’t matter if you use the right hand or the left hand, it provides protection in both cases.

Moreover, With the help of this sheath you can keep the blade safe for a long time as well as it also protects the users when they are on an adventure and forest tour. You can keep your knife in the sheath and move freely without any fear of harm.

The edges of the blades become lighter after some time of use due to filing and cutting. To make them look like before again comes a stunning double-sided sharpener with a rhinoreto knife whose angled ceramic plates help sharpen the blade instantly.

Final Verdict:

I analyzed this rhinoreto knife and it turned out to be quite wonderful for me. Before it came, I used to fill trout and other similar fish with an ordinary knife. I flattened about 60 fish after I bought it. You will be glad to know that even after such a tough job its blade was still sharp as it had just been taken out of the packaging. I have had it for the last 1.5 years, if I ever feel that its blade is getting dull then I sharpen the blade with the unique sharpener in its package. It is such a wonderful product that I had never seen before. I gave it 5 out of the 5 rating stars.

PLUSINNO Fishing Fillet Knife – Professional Bait Knives


  • Nice black coating on blades
  • Comfy and grippy blueish handle
  • Open slot sheath allow water to easily drain
  • Rubber handle prevent painful accidents
  • Lightweight


  • There are no cons found in plusinno

If you want a comfortable and lightweight knife with the right slicing for the trout fish in your refrigerator, take a look at this wonderful plusinno fillet knife.  It is made of a very high quality solid material that will give you a lifetime of comfort. 

The three different lengths of blades (5″,6″& 7″) ensure that you can confidently cut and fill any big and small size of fish without facing trouble. Not only this, with the help of this flexible curved shape you can complete the fileting and steaking process in a few minutes.

Let’s take a look at its durable material, plusinno are made with 100% pure stainless steel which is strong as well as fights against rust. Also, Its razor sharp blade helps users in precious cutting of trout, tuna, salmon and among other saltwater and freshwater fish.

The ergonomic design handle is an eye-catching feature of the knife. The rubber texture on the handle gives the user such a comfortable and strong grip that you can continue the cutting process with wet hands without fear of accident.

Like all other fillet knives, the pulminnas have a beautifully designed protective sheath that allows you to maintain the edge of the knife for a long time. Numerous open vents keep air circulation in it so that no odor is created.

Final Verdict:

This productive knife is perfect for any angler who has been interested in fishing since childhood. It allows you to easily change complex things. I was impressed with its beauty when I bought its complete package. I was so relieved when I held the handle in my hand. I did not see my hand getting tired of biting one fish after another. Another impressive thing about plusinno is that you can lock your knives in sheath whenever you don’t need to use them.

Bubba Li-Ion Cordless Electric Fillet Knife


  • Quick release blade feature for maximum cleaning
  • Long lasting two lithium Li-ion batteries
  • EVA storage case for tools
  • Cordless knife provide maximum freedom in cutting
  • Lightweight


  • Battery takes two hours for complete charging

Bubba is called the most advanced cordless electric fillet knife due to its capabilities which can clean most fish including trout with its high efficiency. If you are not convinced then you can evaluate its performance by looking at its reviews.

Besides, the knife comes with two lithium Li-ion batteries that are enough to fillet maximum fish at a time. Also, The LED battery indicator in it informs you from time to time how long the knife will survive. However, However, whether you go on an adventure or go fishing on the beaches, its battery timing will be useful for you everywhere.

The complete set of bubba comes with four different dual-rivet blades (7 ”E-FLEX, 9” E-FLEX, 9 ”E-STIFF and 12” E-STIFF) that make cutting and filling easier for the user. Not only this, the tin steel coating on it provides corrosion resistance to the blade and also protects it from damage. 

The combination of a non-slip handle and trigger guard together ensures the complete safety of the user. Its solid grip makes the trout fish to be a breeze.

Bubba comes with a storage case to keep the tools safe in which you can take the whole kit anywhere. In this kit, Each tool is allocated a separate slot to prevent it from malfunctioning or breaking.

Final Verdict:

This is one of the easy to use cordless electric fillet knives which I can’t express in words. Overall the knife is perfect for every fileting, boining, skinning and cutting operation but the most noticeable thing I analyzed in this knife is the super storage case, In which everything is kept in a separate place so that it can be easily used by attaching the knife when needed. There is no high price tag on it because in many other brands features are limited in this price range.

Bubba Blade 9-Inch Tapered Flex Knife


  • The handle is lightweight & easy to hold
  • Super Sharp Blades reduce your struggle
  • Safety guards ensure maximum safety of hands
  • Titanium Coating for corrosion resistance


  • Sheath does not drain water properly

This stunning bubba sharp knife is actually a lightweight and solid material based on the latest technology that enables fishermen and Orientalists around the world to clean trout and all freshwater, saltwater fish associated with it.

The desirable bubba texture handle provides a secure grip in separating the skin of trout from the meat. In addition, the safety grip on the handles keeps the user safe and cool even during hard work so that you can be careful while cutting.

The 9 inch long ultra-sharp stainless steel blade makes it suitable for every fisherman to precise slicing of trout, tuna, crappie, pannish and lots of others. Its effortless maneuvering keeps the users cool so that their hands never get tired.

The non-stick titanium coating protects the knife blade from rust and makes it useful for 5 to 7 years.

Furthermore, the safety guard and sheath are two different ingredients in this knife but their function is the same to protect the users from serious accidents.

Final Verdict:

In Bubba tapered 9 inch most interesting thing that compels consumers to buy it is its flexible sharp blade. I’ve been using it lately for 1 year, and you’ll be surprised to know that I’ve cleaned 100+ crappie and a few trout with it in a single day yet the blade was as sharp as it was never used before. It really deserved much respect. I also recommend it for those who are learning the process of filleting.

KastKing (7-inch) Fillet Knife for Trout


  • Its Marine steel blade is super sharp which made cleaning trout so easy
  • handle provide excellent grip to the user
  • Thin edges reduce maximum wastage
  • Lightweight and sustainable


  • None

If you want to get delicious meat of trout fishes of all sizes without wasting any slice, use this standard kastking knife which comes with a comfortable handle and flexible yet ultra-sharp blade. The combination of black and orange has made it even brighter.

The razor-sharp blade is capable of handling several toughest  jobs of cutting, filleting, steaking and removing meat from bones of all trout fishes. Its curved blade assures you that it is considered ideal for filleting. 

The handle made of polymer material is designed keeping in mind the safety of the user. If you start cutting fish without drying your hands immediately after washing the dishes, its non-slip structure gives you a strong grip to protect your hands from serious injury.

To keep the user safe from its sharp edges, kaskting has introduced a protective sheath so that the knife can be pulled out only when needed. Not only that but to keep the blade free from rust, several open slots have been made in the sheath so that no water remains inside.

Final Verdict:

If you do a comparison between kastking and other branded fillet knives you can’t beat the construction and durability of this effective knife. The most precious thing in this knife is the blade which I tested on cleaning trout and even chopping veggies. This is one of the most reasonably priced products. You can also confidently recommend it to your friends and fellows.

Kershaw Clearwater 9-In Fillet Knife


  • Corrosion resistance stainless steel blade
  • ABS protected sheath
  • Soft texture solid grip handle
  • Sharp edges for precise slicing of trout fishes


  • Limited lifetime warranty

Kershaw Clearwater is one of the cheapest fillet knives for preparing freshwater and saltwater trout fishes. Kershaw is a US based company and everyone knows that the US never compromises in quality.

The 9 ”fixed stainless steel blade is specially designed in curved shape for deep cutting of trout, salmon, tuna, snapper, bass, ale, catfish and others. Its 100% pure steel blade protects against corrosion and you do not need to replace it for many years.

Its comfortable handle made of polymer guarantees you a sure grip so that you can cut and prepare any marine items without slipping your hands. 

The knife is also provided with a protective sheath to cover remote areas or camping etc. which you can put in your belt and go anywhere. To make the blade work longer, the knife must be kept in its sheath when it is never being used.

Final Verdict:

You will be surprised to know that the quality, performance Kershaw gives to its users no one can provide in this price range. I was personally impressed with its sharp blade when I flattened trout, catfish, and bass with this knife On the shores of Borith Lake.

Top 8 Fillet Knives for Trout Comparison Table

Image Product Details   Price
kastking-spartcus Kastking spartacus  Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Brand: KastKing
Color: A: 7 Inch Fillet Knife
Handle Material: Stainless Steel
Check Price
Calamus-Stainless-Steel-9-Inch-Fillet-Knife-G4116 Calamus Brand: Calamus
Special Feature: Lightweight
Age Range (Description): Adult
Handle Material: Rubber
Check Price
Calamus-Stainless-Steel-9-Inch-Fillet-Knife-G4116 Rhinoreto Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Handle Material:

Check Price
Bubba-Li-Ion-Cordless-Electric-Fillet-Knife Bubba Li-ion electric Included Components: Knife, Blades, Batteries, Charger
Handle Material: Titanium
Color: Red
Blade Material: High Carbon Stainless Steel
Brand : Bubba
Check Price
PLUSINNO-Fishing-Fillet-Knife Plusinno Recommended Uses For Product: Fishing
Special Feature: Non-slip,Durable
Age Range (Description): Adult
Check Price
KastKing-7-inch-Fillet-Knife-for-Trout Kastking spartacus (7-inch) Brand: KastKing
Special Feature: Non-slip
Handle Material: Bone
Check Price
Bubba-Blade-9-Inch-Tapered-Flex-Knife Bubba tapered (9-inch) Brand: BUBBA
Model Name: BUB19TF
Special Feature: Rust Resistant,Full Tang
Age Range (Description): Adult
Check Price
Kershaw-Clearwater-9-In-Fillet-Knife Kershaw clearwater 9-inch fillet knife Brand: Kershaw
Model Name: Clearwater II Fillet
Age Range (Description): Adult
Included Components: See description
Handle Material: Co-polymer
Check Price

What to Look for in Fish Fillet Knives for Trout

For those users who are new and don’t know which knife would be ideal for filleting trout, here are some key features that will help you choose the best one from multiple options.

Blade Length

Generally, the recommended blades should be 7.5 inches in length as trout fish are available in different sizes so they require different blade lengths depending on the size. If you flatten a 30-inch larger trout with a 4-inch blade length it will damage the flesh. However, choose the medium size blade for fillet every kind of trout.  


The first sign of good handling is that it does not get your hand fatigued even with a maximum workload put on it. However, trout fish is a bit difficult to fillet, for which some safety features have to be taken into consideration so that the user can clean it without lubrication. 

Therefore, the handle made of rubber material will be useful if safety and comfort are taken into consideration as it is effective in both wet and greasy environments.

Tip (edges )  

If you want to get accurate slices of saltwater trout fish without wasting its flesh then try to find the sharpener tip in your fillet knife. Bubba tapered, kastking spartacus and Rhinoreto these are the three effective knives that are considered the most standard in sharp narrow pointed edges compared to other knives.

by Using them you can flatten any type of trout without any hindrance.


The lifespan of your knife depends on the material used to make it. Good quality material makes the knife strong and long-lasting your companion. 

Since we have to choose a knife with good material for trout fish, its blade should be approved with purely stainless steel to ensure precise cutting. However, the titanium nitride coating on the blade is a plus point for corrosion resistance.

Furthermore, Handles made of standard materials guarantee solid grip and prevent slipping. Also, Finding a comfortable handle can bring a lot of positive changes in your work. So look at rubber texture handles which are more preferable than others for preparing trout fishes.


An ideal fillet knife comes with the sharpener that allows us to sharpen the blade frequently more often after flattening. If you don’t have a sharpener then don’t worry, you can make edges like before using oil stone or whetstone.


What Size of Knife Do I Need for Trout?

A 6 inches fillet knife is great for trout, observe the skinny blade that is perfect for working around the bones without wasting any fish part. It should be flexible and ideal for skin filleting.

What Materials Make the Best Fillet Knife for Trout?

There are two types of material used for manufacturing a fillet knife : stainless steel and carbon steel. Both of them are good for filleting a trout. Carbon steel is cheap in price and tends to be softer, lighter and quick to dull while stainless steel is expensive as compared to carbon steel but it does not dull for long time.

Final Decision

We’ve put together 8 great fillet knives for all chefs, fishermen, and enthusiasts on a platform that is considered to be the foremost for the complete preparation of all kinds of trout fish at a very affordable price. They are using quality blades and handles to precisely slice trout fish from head to toe. 

Kastking spartacus and Bubba tapered are very thematic knives according to quality and performance. Their ultra-sharp blades do not dull even after cutting one trout fish after another. Not only this, with the help of polymer textured handles their grip is stronger than all the fillet knives which is increasing the confidence of consumers day by day. Both of these are the most durable and non-slip knives which we covered in this article.

So save your time and money and choose one of them so that you do not face any obstacles while filleting trout fish.

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