Best 7 Folding Fillet Knives Review 2023 & Buying Guide

Always one question comes to your mind, what is the best folding fillet knife because folding knives are a very essential thing in all commercial kitchens which are used for different purposes. Usually it has a 4 to 5 inch sharp blade and it can easily be folded in half so users can easily put it in their pocket. 

The knife’s blade has been made with high quality carbon steel which is easy to sharpen but rusts quickly if it is not dried off after using it. This is not wrong to say that if you have perfect knife then you can easily transform descry to fine fare table. It helps quickly and efficiently in making food in the home at the fastest limit. 

You should take great care in the selection of the knife because wrong selection can be harmful for you and it can destroy your valuable meat and can slow the fish cutting process and increase the chances of cuts on your finger which is a very frustrating thing. Because not all knives are the same, it’s important to consider all aspects like quality, raw material, design and your affordability in the selection of fillet knives.

Here we have reviewed the top folding fillet knife to help our audience to find out the best tool that fulfils your needs. These reviews are designed according to best quality, safety, durability and customer satisfaction, below we have described the list of highly rated knives which are suitable with all budgets.

Most knives models have extra functionality such as serrated blades for easy carrying to anywhere. You can see that it’s very difficult to manipulate low quality folding knives, it not only wastes your precious money but also can harm your hand accidentally. 

If you are looking for folding knife which is according to your need then please continue read this article, we have done a research on folding knives and explain to you what things make them outstanding and why is it important to clean and maintain the sharpness of knives, these information will help you to found favourite one.




Our Top Picks

Best Overall Choice

Bubba Sculpin Folding

Best Budget Choice


Outdoor Edge Razor

Quick Overview at the Best Folding Fillet Knife

1- Columbia River knife and Tool Folding Fillet Knife


  • Have Unique and integrity design
  • Secure and independent to use
  • Have limited time warranty
  • Have nylon which enable for easy to carry
  • Can be folded to tackle box size
  • Satin blade size
  • Make smooth and clean cuts


  • Overall good fillet knife but it take too much time on large fish because knife is small in size

Based on its quality the manufacturers have given the right name to it called Clark Fork Folding Knife confidently, the columbia river has worked very well for the last 25 year and on the behalf of this river they believe revolution and honours. This brand is known all over the world due to their unique folding designs, it was invented by Steigerwalt and is durable enough to represent in the terrain where they come. 

All the fishermen who used this knife appreciated it. It is also popular due its safe and secure sit and place talil lock for security purposes. It has easy to carry nylon sheath which offers many options like lifetime warranty to ensure that it has no effect in theri material and workmanship. When you are using this folding knife then you are able to believe on the blade to stay locked on the place.

Final Verdict:

I want to give credit to this knife because its handle is nylon glass- reinforced with inside plastic and comes with storage space when it is in its folding position. Another highlighted factor for its recommendation is that it has a limited lifetime warranty which covers all defects in knives and expertise of folding fillet knives. If we talk about its prices, it is great for low budget people and anyone can easily afford it and get all that he/she needs. 

2- Carbon Steel – Toadfish Stowaway 7-Inch Folding Fillet


  • Have a stowaway carabiner
  • Come with full length ergonomic handle
  • Easy to carry
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Ideal for professional people
  • Have non-slip rubber grip
  • Do not need any bulky sheath


  • A little bit expensive
  • Knife is nice but lack a latch to hold it

This is the combination of a highly performance and user-friendly fixed full length fillet knife along with the versatility of folding knives. It has a very appropriate size which is easily fit into tackle bags, travel packs, boat boxes and kitchen drawers and it did not require any bulky sheath. 

It is featured with titanium coating on its high carbon steel blade and its interior stainless-steel components, it also provides high salt-tough corrosion resistance for salt-water condition. The users get a good and comfortable filleting experience due to its non-slip raised rib rubber grip which enables them for easy cutting. 

Curved blade, versatile and non-stick coating are their unique features that allow users for filleting the freshwater and saltwater fish easily, it is an ideal contribution for professional chef or fisherman.

Final Verdict:

From my personal experience, I would like to say that I was worried about the blade that it wouldn’t be flexible enough to remove the skin but my thinking was wrong. It is really flexible for this thing.

I like that its blade is larger than handle because the blade goes under the carabiner, this is also incredible for cleaning the trout in the water. It does not require any sheath to protect the blade and the knife hangs where you want to hook it but with hip buckling a sheath knife is not acceptable. It is highly recommended for both professional as well as kitchen use.

3- Best Pocket Knife Kershaw Folding Fillet Knife


  • Have soft steel that enable the blade to bend without any break
  • During use you can back lock it for security purpose
  • Come with sharp and tough quality stainless-steel folding blade
  • Durable and high quality cutlery knife
  • Multiple type of people get benefit from this like hunter, bakers, chefs and fishermen etc


  • It may be get rust due to moisture, be careful about it

Kershaw folding knife fillet also called outdoor knife and it is used by all famous cook and angler, they like to include it in their tackle box. It is a high performance fillet knife which has a 420j2 folding stainless steel blade and provides supreme corrosion resistance that can be used in wet environments. 

It is easy to maintain and sharpen, its softer steel enables us for easy fish body cutting without any break down. To accept a quick release and portability access the knife is drilled. It is highly reliable, great performance and a cutlery folding fillet knife which has multiple uses like camping, stabbing, filleting, hunting, skinning, bonning, slicing, stabbing etc. 

You can open it manually and lock the secured blade for using it without any worry about the blade slipping. Due to its rubberized grip it keeps the knife firmly in your hold when your hand is wet, its material ensures that you don’t worry regarding your grip.

Final Verdict:

Highly recommended, it has a great waterproof handle which is made by kershaw, it is one of the best knives that i purchased because they stand behind what they made. It is essentially designed for fishing but I’m a big steak eater and whenever I go to a steak shop they provide me a steak knife with zigzag edges and I prefer to take it with myself because I like the way it cuts. This knife makes my trip amazing and enjoyable and I rate it 9/10. 

4- Outdoor Edge Razor – Replaceable Blade Folding Fillet Knife


  • Lightweight, smart which can be fit anywhere
  • Non slip grip keep you save
  • Perfect fish filleting and remove the folding knife
  • Contain a pocket clip and mossy oak nylon sheath
  • Have multiple uses
  • Cheap in price


  • Some users not satisfied with its slender design

Outdoor edge razor is one of the best folding fillet knives which provide quality cutting for their users. It is produced by a famous brand known as outdoor edge that provides only high performance things in the market that is why mostly people like it. 

There are two styles of interchangeable blades which includes 3 flexible 5-inch fillet blades, one zipper-like blade to open the fish, a blue polymer blade for safely storing the extra blades after use. Changing of blade process is very easy and fast, when you notice that a blade goes dull, simply press the lock release on the handle to remove and place a shaving-sharp new one.

 Moreover, I would like to add here that changeable blade packs are separately sold and stainless steel pockets are safely attached with polymer handles to make sure that knife is available. Outdoor edge is a great option for filleting bass, trout, catfish, walleye, perch, rockfish, trout and use for handling the wild games such as big game.

Final Verdict:

I planned for a bicycle trip to western Ireland last month and decided to fish along the way so I needed a compact lightweight fillet knife to neat the knife and I chose an outdoor fillet razor for this purpose and it really helped me and make my trip enjoyable. Here I would like to tell from my personal experience that it is easy to sharpen and holding an edge for a long time is flexible and makes the best meat deboning knife i have ever had freedom using. I highly recommended it and would rate it 9/10.

5- Best in Medium-price RangeBubba Sculpin Folding Knife


  • Perfect pocket knife
  • Its dimension is 8.5 inches with 4 inches blade
  • Offers easy and clear cutting task
  • Characteristic a jumping and guard for safe grip
  • Good for safe travelling


  • Less friendly for salt-water as compared to other fillet knife
  • A little bit expensive

Bubba brand is one of the most growing brands nowadays it produces iconic and non-slip grip knives which has been popular in professional’s chef kitchens due to its performance. The bubba sculpin is considered the very durable fillet knife in water and it can easily meet all saltwater demands by his tough knife body. 

This fillet knife has a finger flipper for fast access, linear lock for safe cut and slender profile for easy carry. It is ideal for any kind of precision cutting because its thin blade offers an effortless plan. It is specifically built for fishermen and its non-sticky coating blade provides this knife vitality and obduracy. 

If we are talking about its durability then it is not wrong to say that it is ideal for detailed precise cutting with its thin blade without any loss and also used as hunting knife and for fishing.

Final Verdict:

This knife is highly sharp, sturdy and well made, it is good in size which enables us to carry. I have used it on various surfaces, cut heavy ropes and light with great ease but there is on impact on their sharp edges. I also bought this knife for my wife on the occasion of Easter and now she uses it in the kitchen and is happy with their performance. If you are good with your budget then you should buy it.

6- Best FoldingGerber Controller 6-inch Folding Fillet


  • Corrosion resistant blade
  • Can be withstand with saltwater
  • Can be slipped while using it in wet condition
  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Can be used for camping and outdoor use
  • Slim and compact


  • Limited in colours

A Gerber controller is such a type of knife that you can take anywhere if you are a fonty fisherman, you can also use it for camping and outdoor use. It has been popular due to its slim and compact size and can be packed away fastly in any type of fishing tackle box. 

It has 6 inches long blade with strong etching power to easily filleting, it has good ergonomics handle and easy to clean blade which provide you potencial to bring tools whenever you are outside. Its corrosion resistant mirror polished the blade, this will help you in cooking your catch with super ease. Its supreme feature is that it is an optimised folding fillet knife which can withstand cruel saltwater or some fresh water with corrosion resistant coating.

If we talk about its design, its grip is very good and helps us to prevent slippage when we use this fillet knife in wet conditions. That is why it is considered the best saltwater folding fillet knife.

Final Verdict:

This is the best folding fillet knife in my experience. I have been fishing for the last 5 plus years and finding a good fillet knife is not an easy thing at all. Its grip on the holding handle is great and I also like their design which helps me to make fine cuts when I filleting out my fish. I got it at a very reasonable price on the christmas’s occasion it solved my many problems and I like it very much. Highly recommended.

7- Modern Fillet KnifeKastKing Folding Fillet Knife


  • Have non-slip polymer grip
  • Comes with sharp stainless blade
  • Contain protective knife sheath
  • Perfect flexible for filleting
  • Unique design
  • Have sharp edges blade
  • Have affordable price
  • Lightweight


  • Need to sharpen the blade once you buy it

Kasting folding fillet knife is one of the most demanded and recommended knives which has been trending in the market nowadays. It helps their users from cleaning your catch to filleting, we can easily do our work without any threat with its versatile blade. It is also used for hunting, camping and fishing activities. 

It has a molded handle frame which uses glass reinforced polypropylene for a durable and flexible frame that manages its larger edge than other blades available in the market. It is a good combination of rigidity and strongness. The velcro is attached with sheath which makes it easy to use when it’s not used. 

If we move to its designing sense then it has incredible blades with beautiful grey finish which make the filleting easier than ever before. Whenever you make a plan for an adventure you can easily take it with you and you will not face any trouble because its sheath is very suitable. I would say here it is my best partner for my fishing fond.

Final Verdict:

In this section I’m unable to express my feeling that I was really impressed by the performance of its handle. I used it on many slippery fluids such as slime, water and guts but I was able to safely hold the knife and did my job very well. The node on the handle also helps me to hold on the knife and its winn grip is highly appreciable. Its sharp edges blade made my trout fish clean easily so I can’t wait to use it again.

Buying Guide For Folding Fillet Knife

There are some considerations that users should have known before buying a quality folding fillet knife. The market has been full with many folding knives which are available for everyone but we should have to research and be enthusiastic to learn about these knives. Here we have provided the complete buying guide for our users that enables them to choose the best knife for themselves.


Blade is a very important aspect in the performance of a fillet knife, you can easily judge it by applying different types of cut and check how clean the cut will be. Fillet knife blade should be corrosion resistant even in wet circumstances specially should be well in salt water because many knives are affected by it. Stainless steel blade is recommended and a good choice for fishermen because it is corrosion resistant.

Also Read :

Handle Grip and Their Comfortness

If your fillet knife has a comfortable handle and their grip then it makes the process of slicing and dicing quick and easy for yourself. When you go out for fishing and you need to use a fillet knife with wet hands then it can cause slip and cause some mishaps so in that case you should have some non-slip grip handle. All knives come with a variety of different handles made with wood, plastic and rubber, now it’s your choice what you like but the important thing is that the handle should have grip when you are using it. 


People usually just pay attention to the sharpness of the knife. They did not think about the size of fillet knives but actually the size of knives and their blade play a vital role in determining how well you can fillet the fish. Different types of blades are available in different lengths which are suitable for specific fishes like small blades are good for small fishes such as crappie where accurate cutting is needed. While a medium size blade is good for trout fish and a large size blade is suitable for large fishes, blade’s size should be considered when you are thinking about storage and transportation.


There are many points that come while filleting where your knife strength should be strong. So always prefer such fillet knives that are strong enough for your work. There are a variety of knives available with various thickness levels of blade. The thinner blade you choose, the more flexible it should be and the flexible knife is good for small fishes where we need to remove the bones but not good for large fishes where huge slices are required.

About Electric Fillet Knife

Filleting your fish with an electric knife is possible and it is an easy process if you want to fillet a lot of fish. It has a changeable blade feature which enables you to use various blades for different purposes. We can say that it has an all in one functionality knife because you need various knives for filleting species, you can do this by using blades. Now it depends upon what you select.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the Best Folding FiIlet Knife?

There are many fillet knives such as kershaw, outdoor edge, columbia in the article which are famous due to their performance, versatility, durability, quality and reliability. You can select from them as you need like chef, hunter and fishermen etc. 

What is the Standard Size of Fillet Knife Which I Should Buy ?

Many fillet knives are available having various blade lengths of 6, 7, 8 inches etc. you can use any fillet knife whose blade size is comfortable for you but the average size of blade that normally everyone uses is 7 inches used for both small and large fishes.

Can We Put Fillet Knives in the Dishwasher for Cleaning ?

The best way to take care of fillet knives is to clean and dry them, you can do it by hand washing them with warm and soap water for good results. But when we put knives in water for long, the blades get affected from and cause for shortening their life.

 How Long Does a Folding Knife Last ?

A good knife always helps you for a lifetime like your best friend and the same thing applies to the fillet knife. If you take great care of it then it will not leave you soon.


In this article we have explained really great folding knives and we did compromise with quality and provide high performance knives with affordable price and save your time from further research. 

Columbia river knife and tool clark folding knife are the best knives that are used too much these days. But you can also move with a gerber controller fillet knife which is a good choice for saltwater, when people are searching for a filleting knife they should also search for the best fillet gloves for fishing because they help the users for strong grip and hand safety. 

Now you can study the recommended article and hunt for the best fillet knife and knives sharpener for yourself which fulfils all your requirements.

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