Best 7 Japanese Fillet Knives Review and Buying Guide 2023

A single and good fillet knife is all you need to fillet, gut and scale your fish with ease. For that purpose japanese fillet knives are the best choice. These knives are famous all over the world because of their efficient design and performance. You can use them for salmon, cod, tilapia, trout or even for goldfish. Filleting your fish not only makes it look tastier but japanese fillet knives help to put away the fish’s bones that come into your guest’s mouth. Most of the knife is single beveled edges and flat packed, while some models are sharped on from both sides to make sure that it is good for both right and left hand users for various chopping tasks. Some japanese fillet knives are specially designed for left hand users like Deba Knives.

Usually the best japanese fillet knives are known for their best quality construction and sharpened edges. That’s why most of the professional chefs and expert fishermens prefer to use these knives when they are working with seafood in their kitchen or on a trip. Our team spent more than two months on testing various 200 + japanese fillet knives and presented cheap top 8 best japanese fillet knives for our users, while doing research work they did not compromise with the quality. This is the philosophy which bought sushi grade fish in the world and requires accurate cuts that makes their blade very desirable. When you visit our further article, you can immediately see the quality of these blades by looking at our top pick for overall best fillet knife. Read further content to know what makes these knives so famous.




Top Pick Japanese Fillet Knives

Best Overall Choice

Dalstrong Shogun Series Fillet Knife

Best Premium Choice

SunDiao 6 Inches Fillet Knife

Best Premium Choice

Tuo 6 Inches Knight Series Fillet-Knife

Global Cromova G-21 Knife

Global Cromova G-21 Knife’s blade is made with stainless steel having a high tech blend of molybdenum and vanadium for best quality. The stainless steel handle is good for sanitary use and provides a comfortable grip, beside this it has a unique texture and modern appearance. Its 7 inches blade can deal with small and medium size fishes and because it has a single bevel so you can also use it for a variety of popular vegetable cuttings. 

If you are not highly concerned regarding traditional appearance and really want to remove the easy and fast cleaning and maintenance then you should move to a global G-7 knife. Apart from being the best japanese fillet knife for filleting a fish, it plays an important role in a variety of uses in the kitchen. The majority of the users say that it’s our favourite knife.


  • Have razor sharp which hold its edges very well
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Flexible for working with seafood
  • Made with durable material


  • Pragmatic appearance
  • Does Not have tip
  • Some chef don’t like to use flexible knife

Final Verdict:

My wife bought it for me and it was amazing for filleting and deboning. It has great quality and is very sharp while filleting a fish. You can say that it is a magnificent instrument that even you could literally do a surgery with. If I rate it then I will give it 5 stars because it is a highly maintained and sharp knife and I have used it for removing the skin from salmon and other fishes with slight effort. Beside it, I have an electric knife sharpener which enables me to keep it super sharp.

Kyoku Samurai Series 10.5 inches Yanagiba Fillet Knife

The perfect sharp fillet knife which is made in the same vein as warrior sword with curved blade. It’s like a sushi knife with a long blade and incredible for making tasty food. It does not require full tang due to their extra sharpness level. You get good protection with a single bevel blade while slicing, particularly when you are working with small fillet knife knives or sushi that require guarded cutouts. Our first priority is to make a good balance so partial tang lower the price highly reduce the price to get the big audience and enjoy their complete quality. After a great use of this knife I observe that this is not dishwasher safe. You have to wash and dry the hand to prevent the blade from damage. 


  • Have a single bevel to provide the protection.
  • Great design for sushi grade fish.
  • For more important components it is longer as compare to other
  • Have a good balance in quality and price


  • Full tang would be better
  • It is flexible only for those people those have good expertise on their hand
  • Heavy Design

Final Verdict:

Before I bought it I was thinking it would not be a good knife because of the curve of the knife but no, i was wrong and in fact it does the shape the way you bite. I feel very nice in my hand while working with it and it also has a good look. This knife provides me a good backup on that price and I am very satisfied with the Kyoku Samurai Series 10.5 inches Yanagiba Fillet Knife.

Dalstrong Shogun Series Fillet Knife – Editor’s Choice

It is the most demanded japanese fillet knife that is made with a stainless steel blade and taper into a narrow point. It allows their users to slice a large piece of fish and make cuts around tiny bones with a dalstrong fillet knife. I can use it in a high pressure cooking situation without any concern regarding the blade damage because the handle is highly heat and moisture resistant. Beside this, it is also a single bevel in which one side is sharpened at low angle. 

Using this knife I can fillet a catfish, tilapia, salmon and many other different fishes with a nitrogen treated blade which is specifically designed for cutting flesh and scales. The only thing which is not good in this knife is that it is a little shorter and not more flexible but it is versatile, high quality and overall the best and most wanted japanese fillet knife in the current market.


  • Handle is heat and moisture resistant
  • Made with durable material
  • Strong and treated with nitrogen
  • Blade is taper to a point that makes it easy to proceed around small fishes. 
  • Good in price


  • Not enough flexible 

Final Verdict:

If you are serious about boning out the rib then dalstrong is the perfect fillet knife for you. It gives me a good addition in my kitchen and for me it is a good product and I will highly recommend it to all fishermen and professional chefs. It is a little bit expensive but you know that saving time in use and good quality makeup can defeat  price issues.

Shun TDM0774 Premier Gokujo Boning and Fillet Knife 

It is a 6 inches fillet knife which is designed for boning and filleting a fish which offers premium quality for lifetime usage. It has damascus style blade which is a feature of VG-Max core cutting and made with 64 corrosion resistant layers of stainless steel. It has sharpened with hand at 16 – degree cutting angle on both sides that is capable of producing a hammered shined finish. while filleting it performed well with their elegance blade and appearance. 

The handle is made with Walnut Pakkawood which offers a secure and comfortable grip for both handed people i.e left handed and right handed people. The end cap of the stainless steel blade gives a beautiful concluded touch. When you buy it from the market you will also get a lifetime warranty from shun’s knife limited.


  • Good for both left and right handed.
  • Provide a perfect functional and stylish outcome 
  • Hand – sharpened


  • Not come with sheath

Final Verdict:

In my opinion, I saw that professional cooks like to use Shun TDM0774 Premier Gokujo Boning and Fillet Knife because it has the capability to complete a variety of tasks. It is slightly higher as compared to other knives but it provides attractive features in that price which is very useful and performance is highly rated. If you think that quality is the most important factor in your decision making process and you can manage a price tag then it is the best japanese fillet knife for you.

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Kai 6715D Wasabi Black Deba Fillet Knife

Kai 6715D Wasabi japanese fillet knife is made with high carbon stainless steel and it is 6 inches in size. These knife’s features have confounded to make a smooth and attractive finish while providing a filleting and thin slices. It comes with D – shaped handle which is made with resin – impregnated pakkawood and gives amazing manifestation and sanitary, easy to clean utility. 

It is good for right handed users because the blade bevels only one side. The kai fillet knife with a stamp of Japanese wasabi character is a great addition in your kitchen. It is the best combination of quality and affordability and with the size of six inches will attract you toward itself. But it is a little bit short to deal with large fishes and you can use it for small and medium size fish.


  • Highly sharped
  • Good balance between quality and price
  • Provide attractive finishing while filleting
  • Budget friendly knife
  • Good grip handle


  • Good only for right handed
  • Not much fancy as other japanese knives
  • Fair utilitarian appearance

Our Suggestion:

The kai wasabi fillet knife is a great entry level knife. It is decent, hard and affordable which is better than anything at that price. The handle is very comfortable and is made with good quality plastic. Depending on the grip it is also able to be used with rocky motion and push cutting. I would highly recommend you to try this knife due to its truly exceptional value for the money and made in japan by a reputable company which knows the knives. 

SunDiao 6 inches Fillet Knife

If you ever want to try a japanese fillet knife then sundiao fillet knife should be your first priority. In the market you have introductory prices for a lot of quality that provide you a good impression of profitability of fillet knives. The only thing that you will not try is its flexibility, most of the japanese blades are made to be stiffer because they have to work with sushi level fishes. I would like to tell here that it is not dishwasher safe because of their handle and blade material and it is also important to wash the hand with warm water and soap before it with soft cloth.


  • A lot of good featured knife for beginner
  • Come with sheath and sharpener
  • Budget Friendly
  • Sharp razor blade
  • Made with high carbon stainless steel
  • Have double edge
  • Easy to hold and comfortable


  • Require frequent sharpening
  • A little bit stiff blade

Our Suggestion:

I bought it after realising that I don’t have a right fillet knife to work on brisket. I did not get a chance to use it on that but I used it in some racks of ribs and it was great. It is very comfortable and fits in my hand as well as nicely sharped. It works like cutting butter, a great product. Highly Recommended.

Tuo 6 inches Knight Series Fillet Knife

Simple but highly demanded fillet knife, if you ever need a thin slice of meat or fish at home then it will be best and gorgeous for you. You will hear a fact about it that it is not flexible, actually it is in a positive sense because you can cut fish for guests without any restriction due to their extra skill. It has an extra light blade which acts like a feature in your hands and be careful while using it because the edge is incredibly sharp and you may be misjudged regarding the pressure that will be used in initial cuts. Moreover, it is not placed in a dishwasher, it has an amazing presentation that should be hand treated.


  • Aesthetic stunning design
  • Highly sharpen edges
  • Very light to provide relief on wrist
  • Flexible and efficient to handle a daily task
  • Narrow and precise curved blade
  • Comfortable and no slippery handle


  • Does not come with full tang

Our Suggestion:

It is good in length and very sharp. It works like a hot knife cut through butter. I used it in my kitchen for routine work. It keeps its edge even when cutting through plastic and plastic wrap. I would 100% recommend this knife to anyone looking for a good sharp knife and congrats to the design team that pays a great attention for working on chiefs and fishermen needs.

Best Japanese Fillet Knives 2023 Comparison Table

Image Product Details   Price
Global-Cromova-G-21-Knife Global Cromova G-21 Knife Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Brand: Global
Color: Stainless Steel
Handle Material: Stainless Steel
Construction Type: Stamped
Check Price
Kyoku-Samurai-Series-10.5-inches-Yanagiba-Fillet-Knife Kyoku Samurai Series 10.5 inches Blade Material: Japanese High Carbon Steel
Brand: KYOKU
Color: Brown
Handle Material: Wood,Wood Handle,Steel
Blade Edge: Single Bevel
Check Price
Dalstrong-shogun-series-fillet-knife Dalstrong shogun series fillet knife Blade Material: Japanese AUS-10V Super Steel
Brand: Dalstrong
Color: Black
Handle Material: Stainless Steel,High-carbon,Steel
Check Price
Shun-TDM0774-Premier-Gokujo-Boning-and-Fillet-Knife Shun TDM0774 Premier Gokujo Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Brand: Shun
Color: Silver
Handle Material: Walnut color PakkaWood®
Blade Edge: Plain
Check Price
Kai-6715D-Wasabi-Black-Deba-Fillet-Knife Kai 6715D Wasabi Black Deba Blade Material: Alloy Steel
Brand: Kai
Color: Black Handle
Handle Material: Stainless Steel,Polypropylene,High-carbon
Blade Edge: Asian Cutlery
Check Price
SunDiao-6-inches-Fillet-Knife SunDiao 6 inches Fillet Knife RAZOR SHARP BLADE
Check Price
Tuo-6-inches-Knight-Series-Fillet-Knife Tuo 6 inches Knight Series Fillet Knife Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Brand: TUO
Color: Dark Knight
Handle Material: Stainless Steel,Steel
Blade Edge: Plain
Check Price

Key Consideration Regarding the Selection of Best Japanese Fillet Knife

Choosing the knife for filleting a fish is very difficult but important. Everyone has a personal taste which helps him or her in making a decision. Selecting a particular knife is the most important thing in your decisions because when you choose it carefully then you will get rewarded with an amazing fillet knife which may impress your family and friends.


In this article we talk about the japanese knives for fish filleting that come from japan and beside this many american and european manufacturers also made good quality deba Knives.

Quality Material

Some fillet knives are made with stainless steel and some are neither stain resistant nor stainless. We know that traditional steel requires proper care to prevent it from rusting and if the rust appears it can be removed easily.


Traditional Japanese deba knives have round and octagonal handles and are made with wood. It also has other options as well. If any knife arrives with an unfinished handle then you can use a light coat of clear sealant to manatain it easily. This is only up to you.


If you have large fish then a longer fillet knife will be good for boning and it enables you to make large cuts on the meat. But if you need to work with various sizes of fishes then you should use a deba knives set that is 6 to 8 inches in size.


Good quality requires good money. That is why the best japanese fillet knife is not cheap but you can maintain it with a little bit of care which leads to long lasting knives and you can pass it from one generation to the next generation. Get the best knife your budget can handle, even if it means you have to save a little. Because of the delicate nature of the tasks you’ll be using it for, quality should be your first concern. A low price and poorly made fillet is just a waste of money, it not only ruins your fish and meat but also creates the feeling of frustration inside you.

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Which Japanese Knife is Best for Filleting Fish?

In Japanese knives, Yanagiba is the best fillet knife. It is a large, slim and pointy knife which is great for removing a fish’s skin from the body and dividing your fish into manageable pieces even if you cut it into sashimi.

What is a Japanese Filleting Knife Called?

Miroshi-deba is used for filleting a fish. In Japanese, the word “Miroshi” means filleting and such types of deba knives are thin and long for providing good control and aids while filleting.

Why are Japanese Knives Expensive?

The japanese knives are lighter and more balanced in hand, it is made with stainless steel that is harder and thinner for providing a good for long time. These are the reasons why Japanese knives are expensive.

How to Sharpen my Japanese Fish Fillet Knife?

Japanese fillet knives can be sharpened by hand on whetstones. Start by placing the reverse of the blade flatly on the whetstone and sharpen it many times.

Japanese Knife VS German Knife

Japanese fillet knives use a hard steel which is good for precise cutting and chopping of fish and fruits. On the other hand, German knives have soft steel that is more durable and good for vegetables and tough meat.

Bottom Lines

Fillet knives are a very important necessity of tackle box and home kitchen so if you want a best fillet knife for panfish, you don’t need to find the perfect one because many different lengths, flex and styles knives are used for different jobs and they did it the best way. Most fillet knives are extremely affordable, and aside from handcrafted steel and high-end electric knives, collecting a few won’t break the bank account. 

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