5 Best Kiritsuke Knives 2024 – Revealing Culinary Precision

Japanese most famous and good culinary chefs all around the world are known for using Kiritsuke knives for the best executive dishes that symbolises and shows the best status. Blades of Kiritsuke knives are multitasking with versatility to cook delicious meals. This is the reason we chose the Mitsumoto Sakari 8-inch Japanese Kiritsuke Chef Knife to lead our list of the best for 2023. People have different preferences even when they choose a knife for their cooking. Due to this reason we have created a complete guide. You can look on your own. Let’s get on our list!

What is a Kiritsuke Knife?

A versatile and multitasking Kiritsuke blade is initially used by Asian or Japanese to be used in culinary delicious meals. Its style as well as shape lie between the known and famous Gyuto and Yanagi knives. Kiritsuke knife’s blade tip is sharp and angled resembles Yanagi and it is longer resembling Gyuto. The exceptional quality of this blade makes it good with fish and this is the primary reason many chefs use them. It is treated as an achievement because it may be challenging. 

What Does a Kiritsuke Knife Look Like?

The Kiritsuke knife is normally used for fish, herbs, vegetables as well as chicken and on average measures roughly 240-330mm in length. This knife possesses a razor-sharp edge with the multitasking and single sharpened blade with the right and left versions. This knife has double versions. This knife has a reverse tanto or clip point tip as it has a distinctive similarity with Japanese swords and can be used for rocking and samshing.

What is a Kiritsuke Knife Used For?

This blade is mostly used for vegetables and fishes by most of the chefs. This knife is also very compatible for competitions and sophisticated presentation with its distinctive quality of push/pull that creates thin slices of food. This is mostly found in sushi restaurants and places like julienne-style ingredients. Normally, a chef uses a pinch grip to hold the bolster with the remaining three fingers around the handle as the knife is rocked or pulled/pushed. Most of the time this is used for sophisticated and precise cuts by western chefs.

Top 5 Kiritsuke Knives

Mitsumoto Sakari 8-Inch Japanese Kiritsuke Chef Knife – Editor’s Choice

For improving their cooking skills and to make your grip on knife perfect it has the best balance and features for anyone to look around. 

Mitsumoto Sakari 8-Inch Japanese Kiritsuke Chef Knife Specifications

Price Range$135 – $145
BalanceWell Balanced
Manufacturing CountryChina
WarrantyLifetime warranty
Most suitable forGifting to home chefs of all levels
Accessories IncludedNone
Total Knife Length (In/cm)12.90/32.77
Cleaver Weight (Oz/Gr)6.24/176.90
Blade Length (Inches)8
Blade Height (Inches)1.93
Blade MaterialHigh-carbon stainless steel
Blade FlexibilityNot Flexible
TangFull Tang
Blade EdgeDouble bevel
Blade angle13°
HRC (Rockwell Hardness)59±
Handle FeelErgonomic
Handle MaterialShadowwood Pomegranate
Handle ColorBlue Pomegranate

About the Knife

The most beautiful and gorgeous blade you will ever likely to purchase. With its versatile feature of double bevel edge and full tang to the tango tip, this will work with any sushi you want. A distinctive treat is the pointed heel, which adds even more versatility to the ingredients when you need an entire pull-through for a bigger piece of fish or chicken. We particularly value the transparent bolster for the standard pinch grip and the additional decoration of the blue pomegranate handle.

Maintenance and Cleaning

To keep the blade working try not to wash it in a dishwasher. If the blade is exposed to hot water for a long time  the material can get damaged. Try to wash it with your hands and dry it with microfiber cloth. Keep it away from children.


  • Made of good quality material
  • Intricate design and unique handle 
  • Beautiful sharp blade 


  • Kiritsuke blade traditional is thinner than this balde
  • Might be a little light than your expectations
  • Could use a case or sheath

Shun Cutlery Classic Kiritsuke Knife 8”, Master Chef’s Knife

Professional-grade traditional Kiritsuke knives have a tip that sets them apart from the competition and are made of contemporary materials.

Shun Cutlery Classic Kiritsuke Knife 8”, Master Chef’s Knife Specifications

Price Range$179.95 – $242.28
BalanceExtremely well-balanced and lightweight
Manufacturing CountryJapan
WarrantyLimited Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects in material and construction and free lifetime sharpening
Most suitable forExcellent for push/pull cutting with boneless meats, fish, veggies, fruits, and similar ingredients. Not meant for rocking.
Accessories IncludedNone
Total Knife Length (In/cm)13.50 / 34.30
Knife Weight (Oz/Gr)8 / 226
Blade Length (Inches)8
Blade Height (Inches)2
Blade Material68 layer Damascus VG-Max
Blade FlexibilityNot flexible
TangFull composite tang
Blade EdgeDouble bevel
Blade angle16 degrees per side
HRC (Rockwell Hardness)60-61
Handle FeelAsymmetrical D-shape, smooth feel, better for right-handed
Handle MaterialD-shaped Pakkawood
Handle ColorEbony

About the knife

All of the features a pro cook needs in culinary is present in this Japanese style Kiritsuke traditional blade with its exceptional tip flexibility, sharpness of its edges, lightweightness and the unique thin slices every time you want for your meal. The feature that distinguishes it from other blades is that it has a V instead of a reverse tanto. This gives the blade more flexibility and multitasking when dealing with presentations, food decorations and is really helpful with boneless chicken and seafood. When finding a prototypical Kiritsuke status symbol, this blade will perfectly fit with all your expectations.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Sharpening is not a concern for you because the manufacturer provides lifetime free services. It should not be put in the dishwasher. Wash by hand only, and let it air dry.


  • Extraordinary sharp and lightweight
  • Multitasking creations it provides V-shaped
  • Lifetime sharpening services


  • More compatible for right hand person
  • Some people might find it too lightweight
  • No rocking with the blade

Kyoku Kiritsuke Chef Knife 8.5”

With its wide reinforcements for mobility and traditional Kiritsuke shaping, Damascus is a stunning city that we had to include on our list.

Kyoku Kiritsuke Chef Knife 8.5” Specifications

Price Range$179.95 – $242.28
BalanceWell balanced
Manufacturing CountryChina
WarrantyLifetime warranty
Most suitable forNot the best for rocking, but excellent for pull-through cutting most meats and vegetables as well as chopping herbs
Accessories IncludedSheath
Total Knife Length (In/cm)13.80 / 35.05
Knife Weight (Oz/Gr)4.00 / 113.40
Blade Length (Inches)8.5
Blade Height (Inches)1.80
Blade MaterialJapanese VG10 Core, 67-Layers Damascus
Blade FlexibilityNot flexible
TangFull composite tang
Blade EdgeDouble bevel
Blade angle8-12 degrees per side
HRC (Rockwell Hardness)58-60
Handle FeelComfortable grip, easy to hold
Handle MaterialTriple-riveted composite G10 handle
Handle ColorBlack

About the knife

When you look past the strikingly beautiful blade sides, you’ll notice some classic features that make this Kiritsuke a great addition to any home kitchen or a thoughtful present for a recently hired executive chef. The handle has three rivets in the middle that are slightly ornamented, and the bolster is positioned perfectly for a pinch grip. In the unlikely event that something were to happen to this magnificent blade, you also get a lifetime warranty and a much sharper double bevel edge than other competitors.

Maintenance and Cleaning

It should never be used in the dishwasher. Try to hand wash it carefully and then dry it carefully with a microfibre cloth. Also try to sharpen it from time to time.


  • It has intricate patterns 
  • Magnificent design for proper cooking 
  • Proper handling and grip because of its long handle


  • It has some expensive price rates
  • It is not a lightweight blade
  • Have to be cautious because of its sharpness

Katsu Kiritsuke Chef Knife – Damascus

A great choice for a Kiritsuke that comes with a corresponding wooden sheath that mimics the workmanship of antique swords.

Katsu Kiritsuke Chef Knife – Damascus Specifications

Price Range$115.99-$137.99
BalanceNot very well balanced as the handle is light
Manufacturing CountryChinaz
WarrantyLimited warranty – return policy
Most suitable forBetter for fish and softer fruits without hard cores
Accessories IncludedDark walnut wood magnetic saya style sheath
Total Knife Length (In/cm)14.17 / 36.00
Knife Weight (Oz/Gr)6.63 / 188.00
Blade Length (Inches)8
Blade Height (Inches)Unknown
Blade Material67-Layer Damascus Alloy Steel
Blade FlexibilityNot flexible
TangPartial Tang
Blade EdgeDouble bevel
Blade angleUnknown
HRC (Rockwell Hardness)Unknown
Handle FeelOctagonal with a plastic and long feel
Handle MaterialWood with Buffalo Horn bolster
Handle ColorEbony

About the knife

Because of its magnetic sheath and Damascus quality material we want to include this Kiritsuke option on our list. Because of many other blades some features of these blades are still unknown by many people, but it possesses great quality and design for gifting. Because of the heaviness of the blade, the handle is too long for some people. But still the manufacturers are trying to balance the weight. Overall, it is a premium size weight.

Maintenance and Cleaning

The wooden handle and the Damascus steel handle must be kept out of the dishwasher because the hot water will eventually damage them if they aren’t dried completely right away. Prior to resheathing, continue with hand washing and drying.


  • It has perfect magnetic sheath for waist wearing
  • Intricate wood design
  • People with bigger hands may find it easy to use because of its longer handle


  • Has a balance issue because of its heavy material
  • Might be difficult for smaller handed chefs 
  • Does not have much protective reinforce

Hezhen Retro Chef Knife Gyuto 8.5-Inch Kiritsuke

A solid kitchen choice in the classic Kiritsuke design, complete with a coordinating sheath to guard against the extremely sharp edge.

Hezhen Retro Chef Knife Gyuto 8.5-Inch Kiritsuke Specifications

Price Range$145-$155
BalanceLight and nice balance
Manufacturing CountryChina
WarrantyLifetime warranty against manufacturing defects
Most suitable forBest for vegetables and meat due to the lighter material
Accessories IncludedDark walnut wood magnetic saya style sheath
Total Knife Length (In/cm)13.78 / 35.00
Knife Weight (Oz/Gr)6.1 / 173.00
Blade Length (Inches)8.5
Blade Height (Inches)2.09
Blade Material110-layer Damascus steel
Blade FlexibilityNot Flexible
TangPartial tang
Blade EdgeDouble bevel
Blade angle15 degrees per side
HRC (Rockwell Hardness)60 +/- 1
Handle FeelGreat feel, ergonomic octagonal handle
Handle MaterialNorth American Desert Ironwood + Black G10
Handle ColorWood and Black

About the knife

We will conclude our ranking of the top Kiritsuke knives of 2022 with this superb combination of features at a fair price. Because of this blade half tang its price is more attractive, but this blade might be a good start if you are going to use a Kiritsuke knife for the first time. It also comes with a beautiful and magnetic sheath and a gift box. They are specially designed to slice sushi because of its sharpness. As the blade has mobility and flexibility you might need protection while handling it.

Maintenance and Cleaning

It must be hand washed and not be put into the dishwasher. As it is made for sushi, you should be really careful while sharpening it. Keep it away from the washing machine.


  • It comes with a beautiful gift box and similar cover 
  • Perfectly sharpen right out of the box 
  • Has precisely balance 


  • It came with half tang
  • Does not came from Japan 
  • It needs some polishing and sharpening from time to time


Knives from Kiritsuke are great additions to any professional or residential kitchen. Their unusual size and shape may take some getting used to, but they are mainly used for sushi, fish, vegetables, and some chicken. We hope that one of the great options on our list will work well for you. We heartily suggest the Mitsumoto Sakari 8-Inch Japanese Kiritsuke Chef Knife if you’re not sure where to start. Once again, thank you, and enjoy using these unusual blades to create amazing dishes.

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