Best Way to Sharpen a Fillet Knife – Four Proven Ways

We all know that a major fish course is always delicious and you eat it unconsciously until you do not stop due to bone, it’s not a good moment for us you did not know what to do next. It is important to remove all the bones from fish to ensure that we not only eat comfortably but also it is safe for us. For this purpose we use sharp fillet knives but it is necessary for us that we should know the best way to sharpen a fillet knife.

The chefs and those people who have regularly worked with fillet knives should learn this skill because if don’t not about this skill you may get major harm so even if you are not a pro level cook or such type of people that use fillet knife, still you should know how to sharpen a fillet knife. In this article I will provide all the information that the user needs to sharpen the fillet for more precise fish cutting.

Tools Which Used for Sharpen a Fillet Knife

Before sharpening a fillet, you should equip yourself with something which will help you in sharpening a knife. The tools which make the sharpening of fillet knives easy are as follows.

1- Sharpening Stone

A sharpening stone is manual and one of the most appropriate and standard tools which is used for sharpening the fillet knife. It enables you to have a better grip on knives while using this tool. It requires a great effort but their user’s hard work gets worth it in the end.

Here I would like to add that sharpening stone or whetstone requires an advanced and professional skill to use it but if you don’t know how sharp a fillet knife on it then you should learn it. Try to use some cheap knives for your practising.

How to Sharpen a Fillet Knife Using a Sharpening Stone

  • First of all place a stone on some flat surface
  • Now hold a knife blade at a sharpening angle of 20 across the whetstone with single hand and use first four finger of your second hand to make a light pressure at the edges of blade to push it down on the stone
  • In accurate and fast motion, imagine that you are cutting a thin layer on the top of the whetstone.
  • Try to move a Knife in one direction don’t move it back and forth
  • After a few minutes flip the knife on the other side and do the same thing coming toward the user from the last edge of rock
  • Protect yourself from cut when you are sharpening a knife
  • Repeat this process from 3 to 4 time will truly sharpen your knife

2- Electric Sharpener

The most comfortable and easy way for sharpening a fillet knife is by using an electric sharpener. It has two parts, one is sharpening and other one is honing.

Almost all electric sharpeners have the same methods for sharpening the fillet knife despite the brand like you just have to scuttle the edges of the knife on the thin slot of sharpener and do it many times unless required sharpness does not occur on the knife.

After that we move to honing means polishing the knife before again it becomes dull. Honing increases the beauty, performance of knives and also extends their life so use it as much as you can. It does not require any professional skill. You can use it by following the guidance which comes with a sharpener when you buy.

3- AccuSharp Knife Sharpener

AccuSharp is not only a big brand of fillet knife sharpeners but also doing incredible wonders in kitchen gears, axes, machetes and even double edge blades. It is the opposite of an electric sharpener because it did not need any kind of electricity. Due to their finger guards which help the users to prevent the fingers, it is more protected than whetstone and other sharpeners.

It has diamond honed tungsten carbide blade which is replaceable as well reverasebale and reliable in use. The best way to sharpen a fillet knife is using a AccuSharpener which is fairly easy, in which you just have to look at a flat surface and place the knife with the cutting side facing up.

Now place the “ v ” shape sharpener on the fillet knife and slide it over the blade and continue this process until you do not get your desired results.

4- How to Sharpen a Fillet Knife with Sharpening Rod?

Sharpening rod is another tool for sharpening a fillet knife blade but the problem is that it is not good for a fully dull knife, it just enhances the blade edges. Once the knife has been sharpened then the sharpening rod plays a good role on it. We can say that its main purpose is to strengthen the sharpness of a fillet knife. When we did sharpening using stone then a sharpening rod was used for honing a knife. Slipping a knife’s edge on the stick makes it better for accurate cutting and can also be used for re-sharpen the knife quickly after use for filleting.

The mechanism has been used for sharpening a rod that you use for sharpening a stone. Therefore, be careful in that direction where you are pointing a knife until you don’t get the expertise on sharpening the rod and make sure that you are far away from the knife while sliding.

Takeaway (Method Selection)

We have explained various methods in the above section. Now it’s time to help you by selecting a method for sharpening a fillet knife. I would like to say here that it depends on your personal choice which method is good and comfortable for you. For example, using an electric sharpener is not good for those people who want to sharpen a knife in the middle of the sea such as anglers, on that side manual sharpener is a great choice. But if you are at your home where electricity is available then an electric sharpener is a good and comfortable choice for you and dont need to use whetstone for that purpose which requires a little more hard work.

AccuSharp is also a less troublesome option for sharpening processes, again i would say that method selection is dependent on your personal choice and your surroundings but the important thing is that during selection of method you must care about your safety. When you follow these guidelines you will get a better filleting experience and will be able to maintain and clean your knife easily.

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