How to Pick a Carving Knife [2023] – Buying Guide

From gratitude dinner to becoming a part of delicious roast for a family meal, a well-crafted carving can greatly improve your kitchen skills. A high quality carving knife is the best option for separating the bacon wrapped or savoury pan seared steaks on social media. Due to that reason we decide to provide you with …

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Carving Knife vs Chef Knife

Carving Knife vs Chef Knife – Purposes – Uses – Care

If you are not a chef by profession then it will be difficult for you to remember the specifications of all types of knives because many knives look similar like carving and chef knives. They will ask to themselve “ what is the difference between chef knife and carving ”. Let’s do some comparison between …

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Fillet knife vs Carving Knife

Fillet vs Carving Knives – Differences & Common Uses

Filleting and carving knives seem to look the same but there are various characteristics in both types of knife which make them separate from each other. What is a Fillet Knife? The word “ fillet ” means a chubby boneless piece of meat and a fillet knife is used to remove bones, tendons and skin …

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