The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Meat Cleavers

In almost every nation, people use big knives to cut up a lot of vegetables or meat. It doesn’t matter if you’re cooking Asian duck or a thick European stew; you need the right tools to handle these ingredients if you want to be a good cook. That’s why we, at Knives Academy, have made …

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How to Choose Meat Cleavers – Is It Worth to Buy?

It does not matter whether you are driving a food truck and serving the hungry blebs at the market in Arizona or making a dish with the right tools for your family in an apartment in New york. The thing you want is the marriage of quality ingredients to be prepared in such a way …

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Meat Cleavers VS Vegetable Cleavers – What’s the Difference

Meat Cleavers vs. Vegetable Cleavers – Main Difference

The only way to grow yourself as a cook in the kitchen is to get mastery in chef’s tools. It is important to get specifically detailed knowledge about your tools before getting expert in them. In this article we are going to describe the meat cleaver vs vegetable cleaver and will clear here which knife …

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Why Does My Cleaver Have a Hole in It

Why is There a Hole in a Meat Cleaver – Behind Theory?

Kitchen knife is a very important ingredient for all kitchens but when it comes to talking about breaking the hard things such as bones or hard skinned vegetables then a cleaver knife will be the best option for your kitchen. Cleaver is a heavy weight knife having a rectangular blade which is great for chopping …

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Nakiri vs chinese cleaver

Nakiri vs Chinese Vegetable Cleaver – Uses & Statistics

Cleaver is a generic term used for knives with rectangular blades having a straight spine which is parallel to the belly and a high heel that meets a flat toe. Majority of the cleaver knives are thick, heavy and used for separating the bones and meat while many others are thin and highly sharpened. On …

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Serbian Chef Knife VS Chinese Cleaver

Serbian Chef Knife VS Chinese Cleaver – Comparison

Daily food preparation routine is different. Like the knife that you use for cutting garlic may be not good for slicing a tomato. It also depends on what you are cooking, sometimes it requires various things at the same time.  But the most demanding and versatile knives which are used in the kitchen are chinese …

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Chinese Cleaver vs. Chef Knife - Main Differences

Chinese Cleaver vs. Chef Knife – Main Differences

Chef’s Knife Shape The chef’s knife has a small and pointed shape that is more popular for cooking a western dishes. The french dietary tradition has a grave impact on chef knife tasks like mincing garlic and dicing scallions feel effortless with that knife. Chef’s Knife Balance Chef’s knives are lighter in weight than Chinese …

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