Regular vs Electric Fillet Knife – Which One is Best?

We use fillet knives to remove meat from the fish’s body. It has been made with thin and flexible material and provides different shapes and styles to get user attraction. Electric and manual are two types of fillet knife and in this we are going to give you proper guidance on both types and will help you in selecting which one knife is suitable for you.

Electric Fillet Knife:

An electric fillet knife such as Black Decker Electric Fillet Knife is just like a blade which works with electricity but it does not mean that you don’t need to change the blades or not need to sharpen it like a regular knife. The electric fillet knives have sharp and serrated blades which make work easier and people can easily clean their fish safely. It is used for heavy duty work like filleting a large mass of fish and it makes work faster and easier. The only bad thing about this knife is it is heavy in weight and a little bit complicated for beginners.

Regular Fillet Knife:

It is very simple in use and low in price as compared to electric fillet knives. The regular knife such as Dalstrong Fillet Knife is made of thin material like chromium and steel which enable it to resist the corrosion, rust and make it easy to clean. The traditional fillet has a great slope or slant that makes it more sharp and authorises it to slide through the fish without catching the side on bone. It could be dull due to the regular use so you also have a knife sharpener in your filleting kit for sharpening the fillet knife.

Electric vs Regular Fillet Knife

Electric vs Regular Fillet Knife

As an electric fillet knife shows that it works only with electricity and looks like a regular fillet knife, it does not have a spare blade on the side of the blade but it has an electrical wire that is plug/socket into the socket for working. It is favourable because it is easy to use and takes less space in your kitchen and you can use it without worry that it can damage yourself while using it. 

Further, there are two types of electric fillet knives: one which is only used in a dry place while the other one can be used in both dry and wet and make sure you have an electric socket if you choose electric fillet knife for filleting. Now it’s time to discuss the difference between electric fillet knives and manual fillet knives. 

The electric fillet knife is easier to use than a traditional knife and it does not require any strength during filleting like work on frozen fish or hard meat. On the other hand the regular knife has a side cover on the blade to provide prevention for those people who have not experienced using it. Electric knives have no blade edge to cut your finger so there is no need for a cover. 

It comes with a replaceable blade to make sure that you always have one spare blade for all events but the regular knife’s blade becomes dull with the passage of time and you need to sharpen or replace it. Hence it’s important to have an extra blade for all instances.

Why We Should Select Electric Fillet Knife

If we are talking about a regular fillet knife then it is not wrong to say that it is doing a great job in normal situations but when you need to fillet during hunting or some fishing trip then it is not good because there we need something that can do something for us faster. Hence in that situation electric fillet is the best choice, on that spot you can clean the cuts with less effort on every fish and the only requirement for using it is electric plug to start the motor of the fillet knife. You can also use your traditional fillet knife with more effort if you like to use it but the majority of fisherman, chief and hunter give priority to corded fillet knives to make their task easy and quickly.

Final Thoughts

It is not important that the best fillet knife does the perfect job for what purpose it has been purchased, so it is important to look at some things before buying the fillet knife that is perfect for you. In the following I have explained all considerations or questions that users should be looking after before going to purchase it.

  • What type of task you have to do with a knife.
  • Which fish you usually like to hunt
  • Which blade is good for those tasks
  • While using fillet knife how much time will you spend
  • What should be cost of knife
  • Blade should be made with stainless steel
  • With which knife your hand feel comfortable during filleting
  • How much blade is sharp 
  • Guarantee of the blade
  • See the reviews of specific model of knife

The most important thing that you should remember is your hand feels comfortable when you grab the knife for cutting and it is also necessary to sharpen the fillet knife properly so it can work efficiently.

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