History of Kitchen Knife – When It was Invented

The history of soft kitchen knives is quite interesting. The kitchen knife was the first invention in the field of cutlery. Even if it wasn’t, that’s certainly the impression you get if you go to one of those mediaeval-style banquets where you get a plate and a knife and that’s about it. . . , and of course the food.

In ancient times, the knives and javelin were used for hunting and killing the animals for food but they were not suitable for carving. So now small knives for use in today’s kitchen are fashionable and highly sharped. The development of kitchen knives is also relevant to the sword and weapons for the sake of perfect usage in the kitchen. 

In Scotland, every warrior carried a ‘dirk’ in his socks and it was thought that it would be used for a fighting quarter but actually it was used for cutting and eating food. The samurai warriors in the period of shinto also carried a small knife which is called “ kozuko ” and they kept it in their sword baggage and mainly used for cutting and peeling food. According to that time, this miniature samurai knife is highly decorative.

Ages of Knife

It has seen a huge improvement in sword, former iron, bronze weapon and kitchen after the discovery of steel led. These all tools are made with the same potential and equipment in various areas of the world like solingen in germany, sheffield in uk and seki in japan. The french king XI louis had made the law for making sharp kitchen knives when a great number of accidents with domestic knives had occurred. In law, it was mentioned that all the table knives had to be blunt and then the kitchen knife industry was invented in france. After some hundred years later other laws were introduced in Japan to improve and boost their household/kitchen knife industry – it made it illegal to carry swords, so sword makers had to make swords. Had to find something else.

Modern style knives nowadays are designed and built with two blades. German-style knives are designed from Solingen, while Japanese-style knives are purely designed in seki. In 1731 a certain Peter Henkel began making knives, creating a design style that would become timeless.

Furthermore, in nutshell a german knife is a little bit heavy but its razor is not sharp enough which is made with soft steel. But still it is sufficiently solid for working in the kitchen for different tasks. On the other hand, the japanese knife is light in weight and highly sharped and made by following the same process which is used for samurai knives i.e shen knives. Initially, it is specifically designed for ‘slicing’. In fact, the traditional Japanese kitchen knife is derived from the French kitchen knife simply because French cuisine was the one that shaped cooking methods around the world and that is why Japanese kitchen knife makers used it. Answered the trend.

knives invention history

If we look at the current situation, the German and Japanese knives are on the top in the world of knives. Most kitchen knives are purchased by professional chefs and many growing people have the value of a good knife for their work at home. With the passage time and technology more money will be utilised more on the latest knives. 

Once you get the best knife from a top japanese and german brand then you can show to porsche or ferrari knives that you can also manage your kitchen by buying the best kitchen knife at a cheap price. Yes of course you can also check our best fillet knife range which is made the same way as japanese knives having a great fee and fashionable look.

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