How to Dispose of Kitchen Knives in Three Simple Steps

The most important thing is using a modern or latest set of knives for preparing an instant meal. These sets will help you to make your work more easier and exciting while slicing and dicing with a sharp kitchen knife. But besides using an upgraded knife it is also necessary for you to dispose of your old kitchen knives Which have seen better days. Wait a minute! You cannot simply throw these sharp things into the garbage which can cause injury to someone. 

If knives are wobbly in the trash, they can easily cut into the plastic bag and cause injury when you take it out on garbage day. Or, someone can cut their hand if they reach into the trash to find something they accidentally tossed. Like that there are so many things which could go wrong. To prevent all these accidents, it will be necessary to wrap and conceal the knife’s blade which you are throwing away. 

The wrapping process does not take 5 to 10 minutes to bundle up your previous dull knives before throwing them into the garbage box. In the following section, there are a few steps which help you to throw away the knives.

What you Require

  • Newspaper
  • Small cardboard box
  • Cardboard
  • Heavy duty tape

Total Time Needed

  • Not more than 5 to 10 minute


  • Very easy to do

Preparing Time

  • Does not need any time


Step1: Wrap the Blade with Paper

First of all wrap the newspaper around your kitchen knife’s blade and then tape it.

Step2: Secure the Knife in Cardboard

Now bend the piece of cardboard tightly over the knife and secure it with tape in place.

Step 3: Put it in Box

To make sure that your knife is safe inside the box, place your double wrapped knife in a cardboard or other container as well.

Step: Throw it Out

Once the knife is stored in a box or container, it is ready to be placed in the trash.

Can You Recycle Kitchen Knives?

Do you really want to be generous with your environment? Then you can think about recycling your old kitchen gadgets. You need to do some research if you prefer to recycle your kitchen knives, Because they can’t just be thrown into the curbside recycling bin. 

You can also get information from the internet to find out the nearest transfer station and scrap metal recycling facility. Furthermore, you can also survey your town, city or state or website as a lot of town dumb or city transfer recycle stations are available. 

Although, it doesn’t mean that you should just take a pile of knives to the dump or recycle station. Before going to the recycling center, make sure you wrap your knife bundle in newspaper and cardboard as we described in above.

Can You Donate Kitchen Knives?

Did you just get a beautiful new paring knife or bread knife that you like? Now it’s time to ditch your old kitchen knife to make way for a new vision. If you think that your old knives are still in good shape and working nicely then you can donate them to local shelters, soup kitchens and other stores. 

You can also call your local goodwill or salvation army donation center to find out if they can accept your knives, some of them can come to your location to pick them. To show that you belong to a sophisticated region, clean your kitchen knives before sending them to new owners. If you have a good sharpener then you can also sharpen them before donating it. 

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Again, wrap the knives so no one gets injured and put them in a labeled cardboard box or plastic container. This way anyone can identify which type of knives are inside of the box. When you drop them off, don’t forget to ask for a donation tax receipt if you want to contract the act of charity when you file your taxes. 
Yeah, I know it will be difficult for you to say bye to your kitchen knives, But they’ve lived a good life and it’s time to upgrade your cooking game. Towards bigger, better food.

Final Verdict

We hope that our above tips have been helpful for you. We strongly believe that you should try to donate your knives first, reuse them second, and only try to dispose of them as a last resort.

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