How to Clean & Fillet a Perch with Right Equipments

Perch is a type of game fish that is a favorite dish of many people due to its juicy taste, easily found in rivers, lakes and ponds. Today we will guide you through the basics of perch filleting and make the whole process easier to implement. We will try to cover everything that will help you, even if this is your first attempt at filleting. With this guide you will be able to make precise cuts confidently and prepare your perch as your next meal.

Store in a Chilled Water:
Most importantly, if you have some time to prepare it, put your perch in ice water to keep it fresh, otherwise it is likely to stink if you keep it open.

Scale a Perch:
To get the best taste, you need to remove the scales from your newly caught perch. For scaling a perch need to follow the below pattern:

Place the perch on a scaling board or on newspaper sheets (if the board is not available). This way, the scales will fall directly on the board / paper and make it easier for you to clean. Hold the perch in one hand to the tail and start scraping the scales from the tail to the head using the sharp edge of the knife.

Rinse a Perch:
After scaling, rinse your perch for sure purposes so that all other scales are well removed. Now your perch is ready to fillet.

Fish Fillet Equipment’s

There are some equipments that will help to make your filleting successful, we have listed all of them with their properties:

Vacuum Sealer

If you are not going to cook and eat right away, a vacuum ceiling freezer is the best way to maintain the quality of fillets, must use this equipment.

Fillet Knife

It is good to use a fillet knife with a sharp and long blade that can work effectively, the handle of this knife should be of strong material which will provide comfort in grip.


Wear the best type of filleting gloves that can protect you well and prevent the knife and fish from slipping during cutting.

Cutting Board

Filleting requires a smooth and plain board on which the fish can be laid and worked without interruption.

Trash Receptacle

Instead of throwing out the intestines, keep them in the trash and keep the environment clean.

How to Fillet Perch with Electric Knives

For perch lovers, I am presenting to you the method of fillet perch using an electric knife, it is somewhat tricky and requires full concentration to make filleting successful. The perch is a choice of different people, especially the yellow perch which attracts many people including me because of its taste. 

Let’s start the filleting process without wasting much time.

  1. Start away the filleting by making an incision just behind the gill plate, bend the blade, and go down until the knife teeth touch the spine.
  2. Now bend the blade and go along the top of the spine until you reach the tail of the fish, remember not to cut the spine. 
  3. In the third step, just flip the perch and do the same with the other side.
  4. Next step is to remove the rib, So begin at the highest point of the rib cage close to the head and come to the highest point of it, and you can see that the ribs distend from the fish, and they dive into the fillet. Perform all the steps as carefully as possible so that the meat is not wasted.
  5. At long last, you are prepared to remove the skin, just put the finger on the tail and spot the blade under the fillet between the meat and the skin and cut it until the fillet emerges from the skin.

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How to Clean a Perch

To clean the perch, you can follow the video below where everything is easy to follow, this way you can clean your perch in 10 to 20 seconds.

What is the First Thing you Should Remove When Filleting a Fish?

Skin and bone removal is necessary when filleting a fish and scaling is not necessary before cooking. Make sure that you get all the scale off on both sides.

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