How to Quick Fillet and Clean a Walleye Fish – Easy Way

Do you also often make the mistake of removing walleye fins, scales, and intestines when you place it on a skinning board to flatten it? Walleye are most likely fish which are found in the northern countries’ lakes, ponds, etc. Its meat is more delicious than mostly freshwater and saltwater fish. We get it easily but waste a lot of meat on the fillet table, because we don’t know how to flatten it in the right direction.

If you want to enjoy walleye fish meat without losing valuable ingredients, follow the method given below. We will explain in detail how to fillet walleye, yellow pike or pickerel precisely and fastly with minimal wastage. In addition, those who have not yet experienced flattened walleye fish will learn how to use a fillet knife on its delicate parts. Just stay connected with us and watch the successful preparation of the Walleye.

Precise Way to Fillet Walleye Boneless with Manual Knife

First of all remove the cheeks, just poke the knife in and run it along the cheekbone if you don’t want to forget them. Also, Flip the fish and repeat the same process on the other side.

Next, put the knife behind the gill cover and make an incision come around the backside and then do the same thing on the other side.

Then, take your knife and just run it right along the top of the backbone all the way to the tail and then turn the fish over and do the same operation on the other side.

The next step is to run the fillet knife along this backbone and you will probably hear it sound while you are running there with the rib cage and the spine.

Once you get around the spine, press the tip of the knife to the other side and slide towards the tail.

Now we can remove the fillets on both sides, so place the knife on the back of the grill cover and cut it downwards.

Then remove the flesh attached to the ribs to separate the fillet on one side from the body. Repeat the same steps for the other side.

Press the tail with your fingernails to remove the skin, then grab your knife and just slide it between the fillet and the skin and run it to the end.

Easy and Precise Way to Fillet Walleye with Electric Knife

You can fillet walleye fish both manually and electrically, but the electric knife makes your job easier. As you will try to fill the walleye accurately without wasting the meat, but because you do not have the same courage in your hands as before, then in such a situation, electric walleye knives will be helpful.

There are two types of electric fillet knives, the first one is cordless which we mostly prefer for outdoor activities like fishing and camping, but the other one is corded which is mostly used in the home kitchen and restaurants. But you have an open choice in which you can choose between the two to flatten the walleye , salmon, trout, catfish and many other saltwater and freshwater fish.

  • Turn on the knife switch, place the knife blade behind the gill cover and make an incision before the spine.

  • Then you have to turn the knife towards the tail and run it along the spine to the tail so that the delicious meat is not lost. So far you have cut one side of the fish fillet.

  • Repeat the same process to flatten the other side then we proceed to remove the rib cage.

  • Once you flatten both sides of the fish, put your knife blade on the edge of the ribcage and slice it all the way to the end of the cage. Thus the flesh will be released from the bondage of the ribs and your fillet will be ready to cook. You can even fillet the trout as well as catfish after following the same process.

  • If you want boneless meat without skin, then placing the fillet on the skinning board, grab the tail of the walleye with your fingernails and cut it along the skin as well as the tail with the help of an electric knife. You can fillet lots of walleye in a limited time frame after applying these strategies on your fish.


How do you Wash Walleye in 10 Seconds?

Fillet a fish means fillet a knife and for washing a walleye run the fish under the water and remove all the flood and remaining wrecks.

What Blade Length is Best for Filleting Walleye Fish?

6, 7, 8 inches length is ideal for filleting a walleye while 9 and 10 inches blades will become extra length and good for handling big fishes like salmon and other different saltwater species.

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