The Correct Way to Hold a Chef’s Knife

Are you looking for the best way to hold a chef knife ? Here we have described some common and useful methods that will help you to hold your knives. This is the first thing which is necessary to learn before starting working with a knife.

A chef knife is an important ingredient in every kitchen, when you hold it properly then you will be able to use it. It can be frustrating for you if you don’t know the right usage of your kitchen’s tool. In the beginning, using a large and heavy knife may be a strange activity for you but no worries. With practice, familiarities will come.

There are two types of grips

  • The handle grip
  • The blade grip

If you have ever used a handle grip then you should also try a different one, you will see a great improvement in your fillets.

The Handle Grip

Handle Grip, Front View

In handle grip, your hand will be behind the bolster on the handle itself. It is mostly used by beginning chefs or cooks having small hands. This grabbing style is very comfortable but gives very limited control while working with a chef knife.

Handle Grip, Back View

Similar grip from the back. In this manner all your fingers rest behind the bolster.


  • It is very comfortable
  • It does not allow you too much control while trying to work with it for making accurate cutting.

The Blade Grip

If you have ever used a handle grip then you should also try a different one, you will see a great improvement in your fillets.

Blade Grip, Front View

Blade grip is the most preferred grip from almost all expert cooks. In this technique, your thumb and forefinger should rest against the bolster directly on the blade. Bolster is the area where the metal flares to meet the handle. This manner is slightly terrifying but it provides more control and balance over knives. It looks a little bit difficult and unbearable on cheap chef’s knives that have no bolster.

Blade Grip, Back View

Same grip from the back, just important for noticing that your finger will be in front of the bolster.


  • Provide enough control on your knife that leads to faster cleaning and chopping.
  • Take something to become familiar with.


While cutting food always make sure it is held in a stable position especially with the cut surface against the cutting board. You can also use your free hand to guide the knife blade against food. Curling your fingertips inside in order to protect them from being injured.


A great mincing requires the usage of your free hand. The best way of doing mincing is place the tip of your knife on a cutting board and hold it with your free hand and rock the blade up and down to minimise the flora or anything.

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