How to Pack Kitchen Chef Knives For Travel Safely

Moving a kitchen is one of the most difficult and frustrating tasks, you need to pack many things carefully in order to prevent them from breaking specially small equipment such as blenders, toaster. Coffee machines, microwave etc. 

While you will also need to keep your mugs, cups, glassware and plates. Even thinking about everything in the kitchen is often stupendous. Beside all these things still there are somethings tougher than all these things, yes it’s your knives. Shifting your knives looks easy work but it is not easy to pack the knives safely. 

You realize that packing a bunch of sharp metallic objects without damaging anything is not essay enough as you expect. Just follow this guide for how to pack kitchen knives safely, and they will pack your move without wrapping your move.

Preparing Your Kitchen Knives for Packing

Making your knives ready before wrapping is the main key for easy and safe packing. Once you arrange them in a group then you can easily decide how to wrap them.

  • Take all of your knives and group them in a single pyramid. 
  • Assemble all of the steak and filet knives and larger knives used for cutting meat and vegetables. If you notice that there is some difference between the sizes of knives then separate them into another pyramid.
  • Now take all your chef’s and carving knives as you know these knives are bigger and sharper than others, so it will be good to pack them separately.

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Packing Materials for Best Ways to Pack Knives

All packing material such as paper, packing tape and bubble wrap are included for packing the knives safely. You make sure that your knives will not penetrate the wrapping, you will need more packing paper and bubble wrap layers than normal.

  • You should use at least 3 layers of packing paper on each knife stack.
  • Get some small boxes as these boxes reduce the chances of incident with you and your other surrounding items.
  • Apply the box with a layer of bubble wrap or crushed packing paper. It will provide extra cushions for knives.

Pack Your Knives Safely

  • It’s time to pack your knife safely for moving to another place. Repeat the next steps for every knife mound you got after the composition.
  • put three layers of packing paper on your table or counter.
  • Now spread all knives on the paper, there should be one or two inches of space between knives.
  • Roll the packing paper from one end over the first knife and wrap it thoroughly.
  • Carry on with rolling the paper and wrap the remaining knives. Confirm that each knife is completely wrapped in packing paper, and no knives are affecting another. When you are done, you should wrap a roll of knives in paper.
  • Tape the roll tightly.
  • Append an extra layer of packing paper or a layer of bubble wrap around the roll. This will provide an extra film of cushion and preservation.
  • Place the roll of knives in the animated box with the line you created untimely. Don’t forget to mark the box, so both you and your movers know there are sharp objects in the box.

How to Pack Kitchen Chef Knives

  • If you have a cutlery box for your chef knives then you can parcel them together. Simply store the knives in a block with packing paper. Then swathe the block with bubble wrap or packing paper, and you’re good to go. Do the same process for kitchen knives.
  • As we know chef’s knives are very sharp and these knives can easily invade packing paper, putting both your other items and your movers at risk of injury. Furthermore, If you’re moving on your own, make sure you know how to move the knife this way.. For safe packing just wrap them in old clothes or kitchen towels for extra protection.
  • If you think that your time is important and short then don’t waste time in packing, hire the packer and mover to do this for you.

Can You Take Kitchen Knives in Checked Luggage?

Yes, according to the TSA, you can bring any knife into the checked luggage except plastic or round bladed butter knives. But you can’t bring this knife into your luggage. When you go through security, these TSA screens will be confiscated.

Final Verdict

Just because you are traveling or planning a move, it should not mean that your kitchen’s favorite knife is to prepare and cook. A little composing and planning time is a long journey to make sure you need to make tasty food for your family, friends, guests and yourself whenever you need. Whenever you travel with these points, you should help fill your knives safely.

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