Tips to Quickly Remove Rust from Kitchen Knife Blade

Those knives made with steel material definitely have chances of getting rust on their blade. There will be ugly rust spots that will appear on the blade after a long period. Then you will ask about how to remove rust from the knife which you like to use. 

If you are seeing that your favorite knife is decomposed then you need to do precaution to prevent it from damage. There are different ways which enable you to get rust off the knife and give you a new knife look once again. In the following section, these tips have been explained that will tell you how to get rust off a knife.

Reasons for Rust on Knives ?

What is rust ? Rust is brown and orange iron oxide that appears on your favorite kitchen knife or also Can be made on any metal. It normally comes when your knife is exposed to any acidic substance like water. 

Luckily, if only small rust spots appear on the knife, no worries it will not be dangerous for your knife. Yes, it will reduce some attraction from your knife but still you can use it in your kitchen for various work. 

But be careful of excessive rust stains appearing on your kitchen knife because it can begin to add the impurities to your food and If it becomes too rusty, it can eventually render the knife unusable.

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How to Clean or Remove Rust from Your Knife

Different methods are available in the market that play a vital role in removing the rust stains from your knife blade. Here’s some of our tried and true rust removal methods.

Vinegar Method

Things that you need : soft sponge, dish soap, white vinegar and bowl.

Preparation :

  • Drown your knife into the glass of vinegar and dip for 15 to 3o minutes for removing the rust and all night dip can more damage your knife.
  • Now remove the vinegar and scrub it with a soft sponge will help you take out the rust spots.
  • Once you see that rust stains have been separate from the knife then wash it with soap and water and dry it before storage.

Baking Soda Method

Necessary Ingredients : water, baking soda and soft sponge.


  • Combine the baking soda with water to make a thick paste and roll out the paste over the rusted knife.
  • Now leave the knife for approximately one hour.
  • Use the soft sponge to clean the paste from the knife, this cleaning will also remove the rust spots.
  • It’s time to wash it with water and dry thoroughly.

Lemon Method

Necessary ingredients: salt, lemon and soft sponge.


  • Wrap the rust stain with salt.
  • Place a squeeze juice from the lemon on the upper layer of the salted knife.
  • Leave the salt and lemon mixture for two hours on the chef knife.
  • Scrub the knife with a soft sponge and rinse it with fresh water.
  • Make sure you dry it nicely before storing it.

Potato Method

Necessary ingredients: baking soda, salt, potatoes and dish soap.


  • First of all, cut the potato into two pieces.
  • Then cover one half of the potato with dish soap.
  • Shower the salt or baking soda on the potatoes.
  • Rub the rust stains with potato to remove them.
  • Wash it with hot water then dry it thoroughly.

How to Keep Knife from Rusting

Above all methods will help you to remove rust from your kitchen knives then next step is to keep your knife safe from rust. To make sure that rust spot would not come again on the knife’s blade, it is important to take some actions for caring for your chef’s knife and make it tip top for future use.

  • Always make the knife clean and dry after washing.
  • Make sure you are storing your knives in dry where there is low humidity.
  • Moreover, apply a protected coating by using a small amount of mineral oil twice a year to prevent it from rust.

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Keep your Favorite Knife Rust Free for Long Life

It is a bitter truth, even the best quality knife does get rust spots from time to time. So it is important to know how to store them properly, remove rust stains and prevent future rust stains is as easy as following a few simple steps. If you do a proper care, you will no need to worry about the rust on your knife and you can easily focus on delicious recipes.

When All Else Fails and Need to Buy a New Knife

If your knife is unable to repair or needs too much work for removing the rust then you should put it down and move on. In this website, you will see premium quality knives of various brands, all of the knives come with warranty and guarantee to make their customer satisfied.

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