How to Tell If a Knife is Real Damascus Steel

Damascus steel knives have been considered a great hunting knife for a long time. It has developed from near eastern cultivation and was famous for their tough and flexible material. Every damascus piece is made using a premium material and make sure that all of them are unique pieces of mastery work. Furthermore, its blade is an outstanding feature of these knives, they are highly sharp and highlight marked and complex patterns.

The damascus steel knives are very expensive and versatile. These knives come in various forms like kukris, pocket knives, swords and fixed blades and bowies. The damascus steel knife having a fixed blade comes with perfect functionality and is great for different tasks such as skinning game, slicing fruit, cutting rope, chopping wood and many more.

The pocket knives are good for almost the same tasks but it emphasises portability and adjustability. The damascus knives also have some advanced material like micarta wood, ram horn, leather, walnut and stag in their blade. Its pattern does not have any raised edges because the blade is polished and does not allow it to be rubbed off easily.

The damascus steel patterns are visible on the entire blade and down to the butt of the knife.

Is The Damascus Blade Real?

Some people still not satisfied and said that damascus steel made their pattern using a welded method and engraving is not a real damascus but those people have obviously wrong thoughts. If you think that your damascus steel blade is made with pattern welded steel and some acidic etching then you can confirm you have a real damascus steel blade.

Expecting every knife on the market says it’s Damascus pattern welded steel, that’s no big deal. Although, in many cases people will try to provide a regular stainless steel without a Damascus-like coating by printing a design onto the blade.

These are very easy to find because they either don’t look like damascus steel knives. The real damascus steel is inside the steel but the fake damascus is just an appearance. If you want a quick overview of fake damascus knives then you can see the following video and listen to how you can determine if it’s unauthenticated.

You can easily add an etching which looks similar to damascus to any old stainless steel knife having some nail polish and iron trichloride. Still many people have concerns about the authenticity of their Damascus, so I’ll answer some of the most common questions people have about steel.

Why Isn’t Damascus Visible Everywhere on the Blade?

A few time ago, i was write a review of BucknBear damascus hunting knife and a lot of people claiming the claim on this knife and i reviewed is a fake as you can’t see a pattern on entire blade. You can see one the comment here:

“ The damascus pattern only exists on one side of the knife and no pattern was showing on the edges or back of the tang. For example, the area between two sides of the handle. Genuine Damascus steel should look like cake with a coloured coating and it doesn’t matter from where you cut the cake, the surfaces show the pattern “.

This was the reason why the pattern was not clearly visible on a certain part of the blade. After etching the pattern was either polished or not acid treated. The following video from BowieMaker examines how a Damascus blade looks no different than any other knife until you dip it in acid for a few seconds.

But in reality you can see the light pattern on the steel and if there is a part of the blade which is not printed you can still see the pattern, although mildly, in a different light. I can see the spine and file work pattern of the BucknBear I have. It’s just not very visible.

What is That Residue Coming Off the Blade?

While cleaning the damascus blade, you will notice some black residue coming off the blade. You may be thinking to yourself that this is going to print. maybe not. It’s like a residue coming from the acid print but that’s not its fake.

Why is There a Huge Price Difference for a Damascus?

Why is there a Huge price difference for a Damascus?

If you buy a damascus steel knife for just $45 then people will think it must be a fake but that’s not true. Just like other knives the damascus steel comes in various qualities. Handcrafted by Damascus custom knife makers with care and attention to detail, it will cost much more than a knife made in other countries such as Pakistan. I.e.

The company BucknBear is well known for producing some great damascus steel at relatively cheap prices. We have reached out to them to confirm that their damascus is 100% real and those knives come from pakistan. Pakistan is a country which is highly reputed for making a cheap damascus blade with good quality. The art of the damascus steel comes from that region, If you don’t make the right choice, you may end up with some poor quality knives which will not be good for you.

One more thing, low cost does not mean it will be fake. Don’t shop from random websites, but if you do, don’t be surprised to find a Damascus fixed blade from Pakistan for a few bucks and beware of their quality control issue and worse.

Why Do The Damascus Pattern Look So Different or the Dame?

There are different types of pattern you will get during the pattern making process- welded steel. Most of them have various names, look, typhoon, dot matrix, basketweave etc. you can also take some special patterns by folding the steel and handling it in a very unique way.

Why do the damascus pattern look so different or the same

But in our analysis, the random pattern is most popular and due to that reason damascus knives may look different from each other. Simply, you can say that all damascus has its own look and personality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Qualities of a Damascus Knife?

The damascus steel knives are famous because of their perfect cutting qualities, durability and strength. The blade has a unique pattern that not only looks beautiful but also highly payable. The blade is nicely sharp and resistant to corrosion and rust, while the handle is usually crafted from natural materials such as wood, leather or bone, making it durable and comfortable to hold.

Are Damascus Knives Expensive?

Yes, usually the damascus are expensive as they are handcrafted and made with high quality material. Moreover, the cost of damascus knives have various price ranges like few hundred dollars to thousand dollars based on the type of knife, size and material which is in manufacturing.

Is My Damascus Steel Knife Real or Fake?

The original damascus steel has a unique pattern which will not be found on other types of blade. These patterns are made by using various layers of light and dark steel that produce a ‘wavy’ or ‘flowing‘ look.

Are There Any Tests I Can Do to Verify That The Knife is Real Damascus ?

Yes, there are some tests that you can do to check if the damascus is real or not. One test that you can apply is using a magnet by checking if the blade is magnetic or not. If it is, which means your blade is not damascus. Another test is to scrape the blade with a sharp object and see if it leaves a pattern on the blade. A true Damascus blade will show a pattern of lines and spin when scratched.

Does The Damascus Steel Have a Specific Colour?

The damascus steel comes with a variety of colour range such as light grey to black depending on the type of steel which is used and the type of establishment and heat treatment it has gone through.

Final Remarks

If you have read all the points and knowledge that we share in this blog then you will have an idea whether your knife is real damascus or not. The only best way to buy an original damascus steel knife is to get it from a reputable source. If you buy a damascus steel knife from a store or website which specialises in damascus steel then you can be confident that you are buying a real damascus knife. If you are still unsure whether a knife is genuine Damascus or not, it is best to consult an expert. A certified knife maker or Damascus knife collector should be able to help you determine authenticity.

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