Meat Cleavers vs. Vegetable Cleavers – Main Difference

The only way to grow yourself as a cook in the kitchen is to get mastery in chef’s tools. It is important to get specifically detailed knowledge about your tools before getting expert in them. In this article we are going to describe the meat cleaver vs vegetable cleaver and will clear here which knife is suitable for which purpose and how we should use it.

Meat Cleaver Basics

Meat cleaver is a relatively thick, tough blade which is specially designed to manage for most difficult tasks in the kitchen such as it helps you for cutting bones or chopping excessively dense vegetables. The most highlighted characteristic is its ionic hole that is used for hanging and periodically for extra grip while working. Most meat cleavers are quite tough with large, strong blades.

Find out why meat cleavers have holes in them.

Meat Cleaver’s Uses

  • Best for cutting through the heavy cuts of meat.
  • Cutting through the bones inside the meat
  • Perfect for preparing and breaking of large meat
  • Dealing with very hard/dense foods

Meat Cleaver’s Statistics

  • Blade’s size is 7 to 8 inches
  • HRC lies in between 55 to 58 score
  • Strong but thick (1/4 to 3/16 inches) can easily make slices.

Vegetable Cleaver Basics

If you see a vegetable cleaver for the first time then you can’t differentiate it with a meat cleaver knife. But after close inspection, you will see that bothe knives are for different purposes. This type of knife usually has a thinner blade for more delicate slicing. It is mostly used for cutting softer vegetables in the kitchen. Almost all complicated work could be done using vegetable cleaver knives.

Vegetable Cleaver’s Uses

  • Nice choice for general purpose
  • Good for complex and delicate cuts
  • Slicing and preparing of veggies
  • Cutting the previously deboned meat.

Vegetable Cleaver’s Statistics

  • HRC score lies in between 6 to 8
  • Blade size is 6 to 8 inches
  • Blade thickness is 1/32 to ⅓ inches

Vegetable Cleaver vs Meat Cleaver – How They Are Different

Meat cleavers are thick, tough knives which are mainly used for managing through the bones and preparing the denser food. While the vegetable cleaver is a thin knife designed for slicing and preparing soft vegetables and deboning of meat.


If you notice that the knife is thick, rigid and tough, it means the knife is meat cleaver. Delicate tasks that require accurate cuts could not be possible from it. A thin blade of a vegetable cleaver will work best for this.


You will see the same flexibility for vegetable and meat cleaver but the main difference between these both knives are blade thickness and weight.

Which One Should I Select ?

If you work in the kitchen where you need to work with frozen and unready meat, You’ll need the super strength of Meat Cleaver to hack through all the bones and tissue. If you need a knife for more general purposes like for cutting of vegetables and more delicate work preparation then it would be great to use a vegetable cleaver knife.

Meat Cleaver Recommendation

Our perfect and favorite meat cleaver knife in current time is DALSTRONG Cleaver knife – Phantom series. This knife provides a great balance between performance, comfort and affordability. For further detail regarding cleaver knives here.

Vegetable Cleaver Recommendation

If you are looking for the best recommendation about the vegetable cleaver knife then Tuo Vegetable chinese cleaver will be best for you. This knife is famous because of their balance, sharpness and reasonable price. Here you get some other cleaver knives’ information.

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Final Verdict

Now you have an idea that both meat and vegetable cleaver knives have their own unique benefits to home cooks. Meat cleaver knives are great for cutting through tough meats and bones while the vegetable cleaver knives are excellent options for slicing through the vegetables and other soft foods. As a home cook, having both types of cleavers in your kitchen can be incredibly favorable. With the correct perception and manner, you can unseal the full potential of your kitchen and take your cooking to the upgrade. If you’re interested in learning more about meat and vegetable cleavers, be sure to read our guide. Move to the next level and improve your kitchen and connect the ranks of expert chefs today!

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