Difference B/W Serrated & Straight Edge Knife – Pros/Cons

Wusthof is a highly reputed knife brand which provides a variety of knives in the market such as serrated knives and straight edge knives. It is toughest to understand why we need multiple types of knives and which knife is best for you. 

To resolve that problem. We wrote this article that will help you to compare Serrated vs straight edge knives and bought a good one for you.

Straight Edge Knives

These knives have sharp continuous edges blade. The most important thing, most people think, is using firm, steady pressure knives. The benefit of straight edge knives is it gives you very comfortable and smooth cuts that are completely opposite to serrated knives and prevent the food from tearing. 

It is very nice for slicing, mincing, dicing and chopping. Wusthof has also included one more type of straight edge knife that is hollow edge knife or hollow ground knife. It is a straight edge knife with a hollow split blade. This concavity generates an air pocket between the blade and what you are cutting. 

This allows the food to fall off the blade with ease and when you cut fruit or meat, it allows the juice to flow.


  • Useful and versatile for majority of the tasks
  • Provide clean and precise cuts
  • Easy to sharpen


  • Plain and tougher things give difficulty for cutting

Serrated Blade Knives

Serrated edges are also a type of blade which have teeth like shape on the cutting surface. It is designed to make a hole on the outer layer of what you are cutting and then apply a back and forth motion. 

It is a perfect knife for those foods that have a soft interior and hard exterior such as bread and tomatoes. The negative impact of serrated knife is, it can easily tear the food and cannot provide clean cuts just like a plain edge knife. 

It is also difficult to sharpen and requires some specific sharpening tool to hone and sharpen it when it gets dull. But you can learn from here.


  • Easy to cut off tougher materials
  • Holds its edge and cuts longer than a plain edge


  • Due to their teeths, it does not provide clean cuts
  • Hard to sharpen and maintain
  • Use only in specific condition

Partially Serrated Blade Knives

Now many latest knives come with serrated edges on the top and straight edges on the bottom of the blade? These are multi purpose knives that are widely used all over the world for performing different tasks. 

The wrong thing about these knives, They are sometimes serrated in the wrong place and are very difficult to sharpen. The usage of this knife depends upon what you are using it for. 

If you need to push more cuts then straight edges will be better and if you slice cut more than serrated will be good.


  • Useful for both world of utility
  • Save your money to bought two knives
  • Many experts carry partially serrated knives for daily tasks.


  • Due to 2 in one, you will lose the actual length of both types of knives which may restrict the cutting action.

How to Choose Between Serrated Knife and Straight Edge Knife

Now a question arises here, how we will select the best knife between serrated knife and straight knife. The answer is, it depends upon what you are using it for. If you need a knife for push cuts then you should go for a straight edge knife with its nice ability of cutting the food and material precisely. 

On the other hand, the serrated is a great option for slice cuts with a constant chopping motion. Its teeth shaped edges will allow you to cut through the hardest thing with very less force required.

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