What Are The 5 Things That Will Ruin Your Kitchen Knives

The kitchen knife is the most important tool for the majority of chef’s. Either you use it for slicing a vegetable, cutting a meat or chopping herbs. You will also need a sharp kitchen knife for preparing a delicious meal. Like knives, proper maintenance of knives is essential. If you misuse it then knives become dull, worthless and even dangerous. In this article, we have provided five common ways people misuse kitchen knives. You need to avoid them to make sure that your knife is still in their best position.

1- Use for Non Cooking Tasks

While it can be useful for opening packages, cutting tape or other household tasks, your kitchen knife is not designed for this and can easily become damaged. So please don’t use your kitchen knife for these tasks, you should buy some cheap utility knives for your household tasks.

2- Use a Steel or Glass Cutting Board

If you use your knife on a stone, steel or glass surface then there are a lot of chances that will ruin the edges of your knife. These surfaces are often harder than your knife edge and will dulled and damage your knife. So it is better to use wood or plastic cutting board which will make your knife sharp for a long time.

3- Soak in the Sink

Soaking a knife in the sink can cause all sorts of damage. The main drawback is rusting of high carbon steel and the handle gets swell and crack. If the knife is in the with other tools then it can blunt and get chips on the edges. The best way to protect your knife from it is to wash your knife, dry it and place it in a safe place.

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4- Use the Dishwasher

Throwing a knife in the dishwasher generates many issues just like soaking your knife. Long wash cycle, high temperature and hustle of tools could damage your knife. Clean your kitchen knife with soap and warm water and dry it and store it in a humidity free environment.

5- Store Loose in Drawer

Leaving your knife loose in a drawer with other utensils is not good for your knife and can be dangerous for you. Turning the knife with other tools will damage the edge as well. If you need to reach into a drawer to pull out your can opener and your sharp kitchen knife is there, you’re running the risk of cutting yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Way to Store Knives?
According to the majority of cooks, magnetic knife strips or cork-lined knife holders are good knife storage options. Both offer more flexibility than knife blocks without sacrificing safety or inventiveness.

How Should I Sharpen My Knives?
A lot of methods are available for sharpening your knives but we highly recommend sharpening a knife with whetstone but still if you are not satisfied with it then you can also use an electric knife sharpener : Ken onion sharpener by worksharp.

What Makes a Good Chef’s Knife?
A good chef’s knife should be sharp right out of the box. Sure, if you’re skilled with a whetstone, you can always fine-tune an edge or change its profile to suit your preferences, but that’s modern stuff. It’s also important to find a knife that’s comfortable to hold, but what that looks like varies from person to person.

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