What is Pakkawood Handle – Common Uses – Why It is Famous

Very rare people have heard the word pakkawood before and it is true that pakkawood does not come from the pakka tree. It is human made wooden material which is known for its advantages of being unusually durable and passive. Then we get to the most famous question, what is pakkawood and what makes it different from other natural wood? In this article, we will give you all the answers about pakkawood.

What is Pakkawood Truly?

Pakkawood is also written as pakka wood is a special type of plywood which is called stamina wood and colorwood. Vacuum process has been used to remove the moisture from the piece of wood veneer. After that new wood piece glued together with the carbolic acid/phenolic resins under the high pressure. A lot of people consider it as the composition legacy of plastic and wood. Some are flushed with colored adhesive to change color. You can color pakkawood to look like natural wood such as oak or chestnut. To get a more extensive appearance, you can use dyes to make a rainbow of various colors or blind designs on your pakka wood material.

Common Uses of Pakkawood

Such material could be used to make wood like things like kitchen utensils, military tools and snooker cues.

Knife Handles and Tactical Knives

The pakkawood is mostly used to make a knife handle because of its high resistance to water. These handles are used on kitchen knives and steam knives. If you enjoy woodworking often then you can purchase available pakkawood material and shape it to create custom wood-like knife handles that can last for years. Simply, you can say that pakkawood handles are an alternative to natural wood handles which have a tendency to crack, crack and discolor. Furthermore, this high durability material is used to make the handle of tactical knives and military knives. If you prefer to look at the wooden knife handle, then the pakkawood tactical knife will be best for you.

Cooking Spoons and Spatulas

Another use of pakkawood is to make spoons and spatulas. As this material is heat resistant and water resistant, for that reason it is suitable enough to use as cooking instruments. Moreover, it will not scratch your non-sticky cooking pans dissimilar to steel.

Pakkawood Pool Cues

Pakkawood pool cues are substantial like the material is very thick. If you are looking for a heavy break cue that should be highly strong, this material is what you might be looking for. Many people already know these pool cues or snooker cues as the dymondwood pool cues.

Why Pakkawood is Famous

The pakkawood has a wooden appearance and shows that it is water-resistant. But the problem with natural wood is, it can be split and folded when it gets exposed into the moisture. The pakkawood does not have such type issues like natural wood. It has excessive strength and durability and comes in the market with different colors. It is a very dense material because of high heat and pressure that is used during the production process.

Care and Maintenance

It is not a good practice to soak your Pakkawood products for long periods of time. Since it is water resistant, it is also made of wood and can be damaged. Have you run out of handles? Once you have used another piece of wood and smoothed it with a soft cloth, you can use ting or mineral oil. Additionally, you can use sandpaper if you find that applying oil is not enough to make the Pakkawood shine. You can start with 120 grit. Coat the Pakkawood with oil and leave it for a few hours and then polish and sand the wood for an aesthetic finish. Continue the same process using 240 grit and 400 grit and do this several times and polish the surface of your Pakkawood with multiple coats. Finish with a layer of varnish or wax.

Is a Pakkawood Dishwasher Safe?

No, just like other knives the pakkawood knives are not dishwasher safe. It is made up of wood blanch so it is generally highly recommended to wash it with your hands.


What is a Pakkawood Handle ?

The other names of pakkawood are staminawood, colorwood, dymondwood and compreg that is composition of wood and plastic and commonly used in knife’s handle and other objects for those who see rough clothing. Furthermore, it can closely seems to conventional wood and come in different ranges of dazzling color.

Are Wood Knife Handles Sanitary ?

The pakkawood has a plus point of being a good insulator which makes the knife cooler for a long time. It can also be used with renewable raw materials instead of based on insufficient old growth shambles. The Pakkawood is prepared at low temperatures, eliminating the emission of toxic gasses during production, so unlike wood, it does not pose an environmental hazard when used.

Does Pakka Wood Come from Pakka Wood Trees?

The pakka wood is made up of various hardwood such as beech and birch which are fertilized with synthetic reins under the high pressure and heat to make the final product similar to wood coating.

Do You Need to Oil Pakkawood?

Yes, you can use chinese wood oil or mineral oil as you would for any other piece of wood, and buff with a soft cloth.

Final Verdicts

Pakkawood is a very special material that is highly suitable for a variety of applications that require a more flexible material while retaining many of the properties of natural wood. Additionally, it is treated with a high pressure process combining plywood and phenolic resin, making pakkawood an ideal material for Japanese knives that is heat and moisture resistant while also being a durable product. happens. Although regular maintenance is still required, the hardiness and endless potential for beautiful color designs mean that pakkawood is one of the best materials for handling Japanese knives and a regular choice for many years to come.

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