Why Give a Penny With a Knife : A Coin Superstition

Still a lot of people think that giving flowers in odd numbers will be unlucky for that person. Even Victorians invent the language of giving flowers which can lead to huge misunderstanding. Furthermore, giving a handkerchief to someone as a gift shows terrible results like people who received that gift will cry in future. Especially in Sweden, giving a handkerchief to your spouse will represent a calamity. So, what is the reason for giving a penny with a knife ? The answer is explained in the below section.

Giving a kitchen Knife is Bad Luck?

It depends on what you believe, normally the credulity is like that – if you are giving a knife to someone as a gift which means you are allowing fate to divide your relationship into two parts. You can imagine, No one wants to cut their loved ones with themselves!

What Should You Do While Giving a Kitchen Knife as a Gift

Is there a solution that can prevent your relationship from falling apart? Yes of course, just giving away a knife with a coin. So your loved one can buy this knife by returning the coin as an imaginary buyer. This means it was never a gift in the first place and your relationship is safe. Moreover, a coin is a solid and metallic object that allows you to avoid the bad luck associated with being transfixed. It can be as little as a few coins, the most important thing is to give the coin to the other person, it doesn’t matter the value. This means that the knife was purchased as a gift and not received independently.

Where Does this Superstition Come From ?

To find the exact location from where this superstition comes is a little difficult. As it is practiced worldwide, however, it is likely to have emerged from local folklore and tradition. Usually, knives represent the power and durability in the culture all around the world. It may be a symbol that, by giving this powerful strength to others we are allowing the universe to punish us with disaster.

Why Give Penny with a Knife, Our Opinion

Whether you are a superstitious person or not, it will be good to tap a penny with a knife if you are giving it to any one in the coming time.

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