Zwilling Pro S 8 vs Wusthof Classic 8 Chef Knife

In this article, we are going to explain the comparison between zwilling professional S 8” vs. Wusthof classic 8” chef knife. When it comes to highly smooth and expertly systematic cutting and chopping in the kitchen then no one competes with the performance of professional chef knives. We are not just talking about the sharpness of a knife which can cut anything but it also provides joy and pleasure while holding its professionally designed, well balanced and weighed grip.

It is very advanced and it does not matter whether you are an experienced chef or beginner in your kitchen, everyone can use it easily. Having said that, it is not good to talk about the best professional chef knives and not mention the Zwilling Professional S and the Wusthof Classic 8″ Chef. The chef knives offer smooth and extraordinary design for comfortable grip and efficient performance. Beside this still there are many things that chef knives provide to their users.

But wait, do you think that any other chef’s knife is available on the market? Don’t get complicated just yet, as we are here to help you with a deep explanation into the ideal features, design and performance details of these two professional chef knives.

You will be able to differentiate both knives in all options, our detailed review will also help you to select the perfect chef knife for your kitchen use and remove the boring and overtire knives from your kitchen as well.

So without further delay, let’s dive into the details

 When you are going to explore any new item, even a chef knife, The most important things are the basic features that present the material, finish and quality of the knife. In the following table we have provided necessary features of zwilling professional S and Wusthof Classic 8” chef which make both knives different from each other.

Additional Specification:  Wusthof classic 8” and Zwelling professional S 8”

Beside the basic features, these knives also have much more than usual knives. From the design to the color and especially the quality of the blade and handle – every small and large detail of a knife matters when you are paying for an effective chef’s knife. But just to help you to understand the difference between zwilling professional S and wusthof classic 8” chef knives, we have a detailed overview on both knives which will help you to select better options that fulfill your cooking requirements.

Wusthof Classic 8”

Let’s start from wusthof classic knife as the design of this knife is made with stainless carbon steel which make sure that there is no dents, stain and rusting of knife, furthermore they add more features to knife’s harmony like the metal of knife exceed to handle tip, and convert it to present modern style.


The Wusthof has a slim and ergonomic handle that makes its use very smooth and comfortable. Additionally, its classic Franco-German shape is complete with a perfectly angled handle and three prongs that add to the knife’s appeal.


Hardly anyone can miss the light edges of wusthof’s blade with buttery smooth use – trust me on that. The large and solid knife design is additionally achieved having curved blades which connect to the smoothness and balance of the knife when you are cutting any ingredient on the shelf. Lastly, we cannot raise the lightweight design, that will not develop flimsiness, but instead, can prevent the convenience of hard solid use for anyone who chooses the Wusthof Classic 8″. Still, there are many advance benefits that you should also consider before purchasing the chef knife is:

  • High quality constructing that produce reproduction
  • Come with long live life of blade
  • Optimal cutting geometry
  • Highly sharp for cutting

Zwilling Professional S

If the selection of wusthof 8” will be great then a zwilling professional is also a good choice with premium craftsmanship and effective cutting strength. These knives come from the last 280 years having a supreme manufacturing process and always produce stainless steel and high carbon blade material. The features of zwilling professional S tells for itself.

Now move to its endorsed design and no one can ignore the sharpness and hand finishing edges of blade which makes your cutting and chopping task easy in the kitchen and outside. If we’re talking about design and efficient blades then there’s no way where you can reject the ergonomically designed three-rivet handle of this knife designed to offer extreme comfort and fatigue-free use.

Finally, the well-balanced and safe handling of this knife is nothing short of a quality purchase that speaks for itself, mainly through its attractive black and stainless steel color combination.

Still, there are many advance benefits that you should also consider before purchasing the zwilling professional S knife is:

  • Upgrade your chopping and cutting performance
  • Come with dishwasher safe design
  • Have high grade sigma force construction
  • Also have laser controlled edge retention 
  • The blade is very hard with extremely sharpness edges

Frequently Asked Question

Which is Better in Quality: Zwilling Professional S or Wusthof Classic 8” Chef Knife?

If you are talking about the quality of both knives then both knives zwilling professional S and wusthof classic 8” are high in quality because of their advanced craftsmanship so both knives are amazing and top tier in terms of quality.

What is Cheaper: Zwilling Professional S or Wusthof Classic 8” Chef Knife?

Both of these knives are very high quality and provide extraordinary smoothness and benefits in cutting, chopping and other tasks related to cooking, both knives are different in price range. The zwilling professional S is more cheaper chef knife as compare to wusthof classic 8” in the current market

Final Verdict

Things you should consider when buying a kitchen knife are the cooking style, frequency and need – all of which are determined by the choice of the person who will be doing the actual cooking, cutting or slicing. Since everyone has different requirements for what makes cutting with a knife easier and easier for them, from a sharp blade to a rounded or smooth handle, everyone’s purchasing choices may vary. If we keep in mind the buyer’s point of view, it is difficult to know which of the following knives is the best buy for different consumers/chefs. 

However, if we talk about the Wusthof Classic 8″ in general, this knife is 100% manufactured in Germany. This knife company has been producing high quality knives since 1814 and is a globally renowned brand. Still, it can be a heavy knife for users who aren’t keen on specialist heavy chef knives. Having said that, the Wusthof Classic 8″ can be a great buy for anyone looking for a great knife that is not too heavy and meets the needs of a high quality blade. 

In distinction, the Zwilling Professional S is a multi-purpose knife that makes it easy to cut, chop, slice, chop and dice your everyday cooking ingredients with a weight that’s easy to carry and use. Not to mention the premium quality manufacturing and affordable price of this knife sets it up as a great option for everyday cooks and culinary enthusiasts looking for a fast and easy-to-use chef knife.

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