Best 7 Electric & Manual Fillet Knife For Walleye Review

People are looking for durable, reliable, ultra-sharp fillet knives for walleye because they want to catch a lot of fishes and use the best electric fillet knife in their tackle box to save a ton of time. If you have only 2 to 3 fishes to fillet then man-power is enough for doing this but if you face anything more than 10 times then it may be difficult for us. 

The best solution is electric knives which are really useful for people when there is a need to deal with large amounts of big, hard, tough fishes to fillet. 

In the current market you will find many electric fillet knives but not all of them are good for filleting a walleye. We can use a salmon fillet knife for walleye. Here we spend great time on researching various models of fillet knives for walleye which are really flexible and ultra sharp to fillet meat easily and minimize meat wastage. 

All the following electric fillet knives for walleye are durable and they do lose their edges quickly and survive with their users inr long and many fishing trips. Below mentioned electric knives are efficient enough for walleye fish, it has been described here after huge research work of our team and these fillet knives have all the necessary features that an authentic user wants.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall Choice

Bubba Li_Ion Electric Fillet Knife

Best Premium Choice

Smith’s 51207 Electric Fillet Knife

Best Budget Choice


Rhinoreto Fillet Knife Fishing

Top 7 Fillet Knives for Walleye Comparison Table

Image Product Details   Price
kastkin-7 KastKing 7 inches Fillet Knife Brand: KastKing
Special Feature: Non-slip
Handle Material:Bone
Color: C: 7” fillet Knife
Check Price
tuaa-7 TUO 7 inches Fillet Knife Brand :TUO
Blade Material: High Carbon Stainless Steel
Handle Material: Wood
Check Price
bubba Bubba Li_Ion Electric Fillet Knife Brand: BUBBA
Special Feature: Stainless Steel,Non-slip
Age Range (Description): Adult
Handle Material: Titanium
Check Price
smith Smith’s 51207 Slab-o-Matic Electric Knife Recommended Uses For Product: Cleansing
Brand: Smith’s
Model Name: 51207
Special Feature: Stainless Steel Blade
Check Price
Rhinrto Rhinoreto Fillet Knife Blade Material: Stainless Steel
Brand: Rhinoreto
Color: Stainless Steel
Handle Material: Rubber
Blade Edge: Plain
Check Price
Calamus-Stainless-Steel-9-Inch-Fillet-Knife-G4116 Calamus Fishing Fillet Knife Brand: Calamus
Special Feature: Lightweight
Age Range (Description): Adult
Handle Material: Rubber
Check Price
mister-twister Mister Twister Electric Knife Brand :Mister Twister
Model Name: EFILM
Special Feature: Stainless Steel Blade
Age Range (Description): Adult
Check Price

KastKing 7 Inches Fillet Knife for Walleye

This knife has a cool handle which feels amazing comfortness in your hands. It provides their users a razor sharp stainless steel blade that is made with German stainless steel. If we talk about its visibility and performance, it has an orange colour high feature handle and great black finishing on blade. 

The kastking fillet knives are low in price and have great worth in the market. It has a slightly curved blade which provides perfect flexibility that allows us to bend it easily around the shape of fish. Kastking is a proper brand which provides various blade lengths ranging 5 to 9 inches and these lengths are very popular which ensure that it is a right tool for filleting a fish. 

To provide comfort and safety during the filleting, the manufacturer has made its handle with non-slip polymer material which feels good in your hand and makes sure that the user has grasped the knife with a solid grip. It comes with a protective sheath that has an open slot for offering good ventilation and water drainage to keep the blade dry and sharp.

It is made with lightweight and durable plastic material and locks the knife handle in place so that it does not easily come off.

Key Features:

  • Razor Sharp Stainless Blades
  • Non-Slip Super Polymer Grip
  • Perfect Flexible
  • Protective Knife Sheath
  • Affordable
  • Innovative


  • Have lightweight and durable sheath
  • Have various blade sizes
  • Come with german stainless steel blade
  • Have non slip and strong polymer handle


  • Not good for minnow fish

Final Verdict:

I am very impressed with the fillet knife handle, slime, water and guts all are slippery fluid but I did not face any trouble while using it. I always hold it with safety and do our job perfectly in any condition. The knob on the handle also helps me onto the knife and their grip is a game changer for me. This is a super sharp fillet knife that helps me to clean the walleye fish so easily. Can’t wait to use it again!

TUO 7 Inches Fillet KnifeProfessional Grade Fillet Knife

The Tuo 7” fillet knife is famous because of their low price and it comes out of the box already super sharp and ready to use that helps the users to cut walleye catches into great fillets. It has good flexibility and stiffness in its blade which leads to easy bend around the fish shape without any danger of break and provides ease to people for comfortable filleting and it is also suitable for both right hand and left hand people. 

The blade of this fillet knife is made with high carbon stainless steel which ensures its durability and high strength and its sharpness is amazing which makes accurate professional cuts and remains sharp for a long time as compared to other low price fillet knives. Due to its fully edge design, it is also considered as one of the most popular fillet knives for walleye. That provides good steadiness and control over the ductile blade so that you can directly cut on that part of the fish where you want. 

The TUO Fillet Knife comes with a triple riveting ergonomics puckwood handle which gives comfortness during filleting and remains strong and durable for many years.

Key Features:

  • Perfect Boning Knife
  • Peak Performance
  • Ergonomics Design
  • Sleek and Simple
  • 100% Satisfaction Or Money Back Guarantee


  • Have full tang for precise balance
  • Ergonomics and duplicitous handles
  • Comes with triple riveted handle for high strength
  • Have premium gift box
  • Made with carbon stainless steel


  • Blade is not blunted
  • Blade is thin

Final Verdict:

Being a user of this knife I would like to describe here that this fillet knife is made with carbon zero stain steel that has great quality at a reasonable price. The knife sits comfortably in hands due to their riveted and smooth handle that is perfectly balanced. It would not be wrong to say that it is a paring knife with a smoothly finished handle and deep expand blade, it has a good edge too and is a good investment for fishermen.

Bubba Li_Ion Electric Fillet Knife NON-SLIP GRIP HANDLE

This is a bubba electric fillet knife which comes with a stainless steel blade to provide comfortness to users by making their filleting work easy and faster through it. It is a cordless design electric fillet knife that is highly portable and you can use it on all your adventuring trips. 

This is the best electric fillet knife for walleye because it comes as a whole package of 4 knives of different length varied from 7 to 12 inches that means every knife in the set has a specific purpose. When the blade comes from the box it is already ultra sharp with decent edges and ready to use, it is coated with black colour that gives non-stick performance during enhanced corrosion resistance. 

The powerful motor gives energy to a sharp electric fillet knife to deal with hard skin of fish and get better results. The bubba li_Ion has a Li-on battery that enables it to run for many hours. 

Its battery indicator provides a signal to users when they should change the battery. The bubba electric fillet knife gives first priority to people’s safety by including a safety lock and trigger guard on the knife to prevent them from being affected by a harmful accident.

Key Features:

  • Durable 
  • Convenient
  • Special Section of Zippered Section of Storage
  • LED battery indicator
  • Different Type of blades variation
  • Blades are removable


  • Comes with ionic ergonomic handle
  • Non slip and firm grip
  • Can be use it for long time without any feeling fatigue
  • Feel natural in user’s hand
  • Have replaceable Li-on battery
  • Made with stainless carbon steel
  • Come with EVa moulded carrying box


  • Not good in that areas where no electricity available

Final Verdict:

I used this knife several times to clean a catfish and honestly says that it is the best electric fillet knife I have ever owned. It is very quiet, sharp and fits perfectly on my hand. Its battery makes my work very easy because it comes with some extra batteries with 3 to 4 hours of backup time. A great carrying box and heavy mixture of blades make me happy to purchase it. So simply if you know how to fillet a walleye with an electric knife then it is highly recommended and a good choice for you.

Smith’s 51207 Slab-o-Matic Electric Knife

No need for further searching if you found Smith’s 51207 Slab-o-Matic Electric Knife because This is an affordable fillet knife for walleye with high performance, comfort and great flexibility. It is an 8 inches blade which enables us to clean and fillet various sizes of crappie, walleye and many other big fishes. 

Being a regular blade it also provides a 4-½ “  curved stainless steel blade which makes our work easier as compared to other electric fillet knives. It’s all blade are well design and enough sharp to cut every muscles of fish, beside this it also contain extra large fillet gloves that provide safety and comfortness during the cleansing of huge quantity of fishes. You will also receive a marine grade conveying bag to move to virtuous attributes anywhere.

Key Features:

  • 8 Stainless Steel Blade
  • 4-½ “ Curved Rib-Cage Stainless Steel Blade
  • Contain Marine-grade Mesh Storage
  • Blade Can be Removed and Washed Separately
  • 6 120v AC Power Cord
  • Ergonomics and Comfortable Handle


  • Currently available in reasonable price with great quality
  • Have replaceable knife for for cutting and other for trimming
  • Come with well design for easy work
  • Provide handset for hand protection and do work comfortably
  • Can be used to cut poultry, tomatoes, cakes and vegetables etc.


  • This is a wired knife that’s why some people did not like it.

Final Verdict:

This is my second electric fillet knife for walleye which has worked for me for 8 years and fillet a lot of fishes. I am sad now because I have to replace it because their release has broken and there is no replacement scheme for these knives but they are really powerful. I am an employee at a fish cleaning station and I see many other electric knives but the  Smith’s 51207 Slab-o-Matic Electric Knife is too good in speed and power as compared to others. In my opinion this is a very great product with a good design and sharpened blade.

Rhinoreto Fillet Knife Fishing

The rhinoreto fillet knife is the perfect fillet knife for walleye which is also good to replace this knife with your current fillet knife. In the current market, it is a modern selection of many people. It fillet a walleye like hot knife on butter and provide amazing results. This knife has become a favourite fillet knife for many people because it has an extra sharp blade with nice edges. 

When it comes out of the box it gives precise cuts to their users. It provides a great flexibility to deal with nature around the fish and provides you good control to handle its difficulty while filleting. It has non-stick blade coating that’s why it is very easy to clean and their swank handles make sure that it has a firm grip and comfortable users even if they use it for many hours. 

The rhinoreto fillet is also a good knife for small hands, it comes with a handguard which protects our hands from slipping which causes injuring yourself. The most highlighted feature of this knife is that it comes with preventive and ventilated sheath that away blade edges from us ensure the safety.

Key Features:

  • Flexible & Curved Blade Which Make It Non slippery
  • Comfortable and Safe
  • Rubber Handle Which Give Strong
  • Emitted & Lightweight Sheath
  • Easy To Use For Sharpener
  • Blister Packaging which make it amazing gift for your love one


  • Good for small hands
  • Enable us to restore our sharpener back up when it get dull
  • Comes with ventilated and safe sheath
  • Have handguard for hands protection
  • Rubber handle for user comfortness
  • Have non sticky balde 
  • Cheap in price
  • Easy to bend


  • Not a good knife to place it in Drawers

Final Verdict:

I purchase it from rhinoreto and I am satisfy with this fillet knife because I bought this fillet knife for removing skin from and fillet it into small slices and it work very well but it did not fit in my drawer but it did not a big problem and I am very with it. Its blade is nice and flexible which also helps me to remove the skin from salmon as well as from walleye. Highly Recommended !

Calamus Fishing High End Fillet Knife


Calamus fishing fillet knife is one of the best fillet knives for walleye because it is affordable and comes with German stainless steel with nicely trimmed edges and already sharpened when it comes out of the box.  It fillet a walleye fish like butter with their extra long blade that works very faster as compared to other short blades. 

Its blue coating on the blade enhances its beauty and ensures that it is smooth, non-stick and comfortable. It enables their users to clean it easily and increase the corrosion and stain resistance. On the other hand, it has extraordinarily large blades that are very flexible and easy to fold inside the body of the fish for smooth and fast filleting. It has a non slippery handle which is lightweight and made with rubberized material for firm grip and this feature rated it at the top on amazon. 

If we are talking about its design, it has a golf style that is easily fit at your hand and does not even if you are working in a wet situation. The calamus fishing fillet also comes with a strong nylon sheath which locks the knife handle and makes sure the condition of your knife, beside the sheath is also ventilated for trouble free airflow and effortless cleaning.

Key Features:

  • German Stainless Blade With Beautiful Blue Look
  • Available in Various Four Lengths & Shapes
  • Golf Style Rubbered Handle For Strong Grip
  • Nylon Protective Sheath To Keep You Safe
  • Perfect Fillet Knife For Salt Water


  • Flexible and Comfortable
  • Extra large length of blade for deep cuts
  • Made with stainless steel 
  • Have rubberized handle for durable grip
  • Sheath come with good ventilation system


  • Nothing

Final Verdict:

I would like to say here that I have been using it for many months and I feel that it is the best fillet knife of walleye even in the harshest of saltwater conditions. The other benefit of this knife is also that it is already sharp enough when it comes out of the packaging. 

It has a great handle as compared to other flat fillet knives I have ever used. It has a good sheath which easily locks the knife and releases with your thumb one hand operation. In my suggestion I would recommend it to fishermen, chefs and hunters because it is the best fillet knife which has great value in the current market.

Mister Twister Best Electric Fisherman Fillet Knife

Mister Twister Electric Knife is an energetic and advanced fillet knife that brings an unexpected twist in the filleting profession. This is a great choice for people if they want to fillet a walleye in a short time period, it enables their users to skim the fish with very little effort and due to their heavy motor it can fillet many large fish in no time. 

It has an extra sharp stainless steel blade with corrosion resistance and fine edges for quick work on fish. It has a fast blade releaser which can do many engraving tasks and run blade with precise speed for accurate cutting. Now move to the knife handle, when you use it you feel its really light fillet knife which provides well control, balance and smoothness on blade. 

Its safety lock further describes their stability and it never loses your grip when using it in moisturising and sweaty conditions. The bad thing about this knife is it does not have any sheath but it comes with a long power cable that is handy while filleting a fish and you don’t have to worry regarding shock because it is a high shocking proof electric fillet knife.

Key Features:

  • Suitable Blade Release
  • Handle is Lightweight and Comfortable
  • Contain Strong and Large Curly Power Cord
  • Safety Lock
  • Unique Twister Action For Fast Working
  • Take only 120 volts
  • The High Impact Housing Protect the Heavy Duty Motor


  • Comes with good edge retention 
  • Have 2 year cash back warranty
  • Sharp, Powerful and Comfortable
  • Withstand with irregular use


  • This is electric fillet knife and need to work as per instruction and care

Final Verdict:

There are mixed customer reactions about this knife. Some people complain regarding trigger, movement and control over knives but many people show satisfaction concerning the usage of this knife and I am one of them. Mister Twister Electric Knife trigger is well designed and easy to push. You can use it for large fishes as well as in the kitchen for different small works and being a personal suggestion I have no issue with it. It is a good electric fillet knife for me and if you also save your time and money then you should go with Mister Twister.

Things You Must Know Before Buying Electric Fillet Knife For Walleye

The best electric fillet knife not only helps in filleting fish, it also helps us in other places like cooking, catching and eating etc. the blade must have an impressive motor to reduce the time on butcher block if you select a big and sturdy fillet knife. But if you have no access to electricity then you move to wireless fillet knives. In the following buying guide we gave a complete explanation about the features of fillet that users must know before going to buy the best fillet knife for themselves.


Knife design plays an important role on its performance like how strong the motor it has, For what type of fish filleting it is made but all of these things the necessary thing is that it should be made with stainless steel and sharp enough for precise cutting. The electric knife engine should not vibrate because its vibration can ruin the cutting slice of fishes.  

Power Supply

The cordless fillet knife needs a power supply from time to time and cannot be charged all the time so you need batteries along with the knife. If you can face the cord problem then you should consider the corded fillet knife. It will give you continued performance and make sure that you can fit a barrier socket before taking it with yourself. 

Quality of Blade

Almost all fillet knives are made with stainless steel and their performance depends on their dimensions. Like the quality steel blades run more than one and can easily be sharp and it is corrosion resistant, while the carbon steel knives provide similar pros and high flexibility without losing their performance as compared to stainless steel blades. This is a very condemning property especially if you are planning to fillet a small size fish. As the harder your knife’s edges are, more meat will be lost.

To Know More:


Another important factor of fillet knives is usability, the mechanical fillet knife should have capability to separate the meat from and should also be able to cut the sturdy bones easily once you press the button. You should not see the fish at all and should not fight with the blade when you think that you have to change it without another one. Some fillet knife models come with different velocity settings and you have to adjust their speed according to your requirement


The durability of a fillet knife of walleye depends on the flexibility and material from which it has been made. The stainless steel should be high quality and should not be corrosive from salt water and it does require any effort to cut flesh and bones and do all their work without overheating. 


The safety aspect of fillet prevents people from different harmful accidents. In safety features, the fillet knives have safety locks which prevent it from getting turned on when it is in rest position. The ergonomic handle protected the hand from cuts by slipping in wet condition. Beside this, the blade should be effortless releasable.


Whether you use a fillet knife at the seaside or in the kitchen, the most important thing is that it should be portable because portability determines how well it can perform in work space. If you have a proper powerpoint then a corded fillet knife is the best choice no matter where you are working at home or outside. 

Backup batteries are ideal for you if you want to cut what you catch during outdoor camping or any place where there is no wall plug. The Ion Cordless Fillet Knife option is more portable than the cord option, but the battery-powered knife will not have as much power behind the corded knife.

How to Fillet Walleye with Electric Fillet Knives


What is the Best Fillet Knife for Walleye?

Knives having blades 7 to 10 inches are best knives for walleye. The lengthy blades make it easier for slicing and also prevent the chips from forming on the edges of the blade as you slice.

Should I Fillet a Walleye with an Electric Knife?

Yes, you can also use electric fillet knives for walleye because electric power knives can speed things up when you are processing a walleye and large fishes. You can use Bubba Lithium Ion cordless knives for that purpose.


An electric fillet knife is a notable investment as compared to manual fillet knife and it works with more speed and efficiency. We think hundred of time before spend a lot of money on fillet knife like comfort, blade length, corded vs cordless and their design etc. But the primary thing is to focus on sizes, quantity and type of fish that you want to fillet after consider these things then select fillet knife for yourself.

Here we will also give our recommendation from all above fillet knives, in our suggestion Bubba is the best all rounder you can take it anywhere and it has a comfortable handle with 4 interchangeable strong and flexible blades. Beside this, it also has spare batteries that helps you tackle huge amounts of fish.

We expect that this article will help you to choose the fillet knife for your fishing and if it is then we would like to hear from you. Thank You !

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