Vosteed Hackney 8.5” Chef knife Complete Review 2023

We are going to review the vosteed hackney chef knife as it is one of the best striking blade knives. It comes with a custom design having the perfect price rate, you can say that it is a kiritsuke knife with all the cooking versatility and status symbol that you want to grow.

Due to that reason we plan to discuss this premium knife’s features in depth and do your help for making a purchase decision. So get ready to jump into the world of extraordinary Kiritsuke blades from Vosteed.

General Information Regarding Vosteed Hackney Chef Knife

Price Range$40-$50
Manufacturing CountryTaiwan
Total Knife Length (In/cm)14 / 35.7
Knife Weight (Oz/Gr)7.9 / 224

Vosteed is a manufacturer of quality blades and you can find all kinds of their kitchen knives from all over the world that are essential for delicious food. They offer a much longer and heavier blade of chef knife than usual and never compromise with its performance and durability that everyone wants for working with fresh meat, fish and vegetables. Simply, you can prepare a complete meat with a vosteed hackney 8.5 inches chef;s knife quickly.

Unboxing of Vosteed Hackney Chef Knife

When you get this chef knife you will see that it is very carefully placed in a secure box with the blade’s image on the outside to tell you what you are receiving. The inside box will slide right and open it to see the custom sheath firstly. You may want to keep the blade on hand for later storage. The knife’s blade will be highly wrapped for protection and cleanliness purposes. As a compliment, the company also wrote quotes “ cooking for your loved ones ” on the temporary cardboard sheath. By doing this type of unboxing you will feel that you got such a high quality chef knife.

The Blade of Vosteed Hackney 8.5” Chef Knife

The Vosteed Hackney 8.5″ Chef Knife comes with traditional tonto style tips that enable users to do a variety of tasks with it. It also has a double bevel option that increases versatility for both left-handed and right-handed chefs. This tip gives you good control and dexterity for working with garlic and scallions. But unfortunately, it’s not as good for gentle movement with other elements, although the edges are slightly curved. It’s you makes a strong and durable knife for the kitchen.

You’ll also find a lightweight knife to use when working with larger and tougher vegetables. It requires less force. No need to worry about corrosion or resistance, but it can grind a bit when you sharpen the blade for maintenance. At 8.5 inches, it’s a longer than usual Kiritsuke blade which is the real downside as many prefer to max out the 8 inch length instead.

Forged / stampedForged
Blade Material7Cr17MoV steel with black titanium coating
Blade FlexibilityNot so Flexible
Blade EdgeDouble Bevel
Blade angle18-20 degrees
BalanceWell Balanced
Blade Length (Inches)8.5
Blade Height (Inches)2
HRC (Rockwell Hardness)56-58

The Handle of Vosteed Hackney 8.5” Chef Knife

It is an all rounder knife which can be used for all purposes at home or a professional’s kitchen just like a kiritsuke knife. You could easily use this knife for most of the meal as it has a quality chef’s blade. The addition of titanium coating and comfortable grip leads to it being a durable option with high versatility. It will be a great addition to your kitchen tools and the perfect gift for foodies in your family and group of friends.

Handle Length (Inches)5.5 inches
Handle FeelLightweight and easy to grip in hand
TangFull tang
Handle MaterialG10
Handle ColorBlack

Tasks Which can Comfortably Do With Vosteed Knife 

  • Cutting and chopping of soft vegetable
  • Can also be easily used for pulverising raw material.
  • Mince the garlic and scallions with the tip.

Tasks Which Cannot Comfortably Do With Vosteed Knife

  • Will be difficult to cut hard and big vegetables
  • Unable to break a bones
  • You can do a filleting with it but it will not be comfortable

Maintenance & Cleaning


It is rarely needed to sharpen the vosteed hackney chef’s knife. We have explained in our previous articles how you can sharpen your knife with different methods. If you will, honing the blade on a regular basis will ensure the quality preservation of blade’s edges and titanium coating will not get affected. It may be possible, sharpening may damage your coating so it will be good to work with sharpening steel instead of electric stone or sharpeners.

Check This Method: https://knifeplatoon.com/how-to-sharpen-a-knife-with-a-rod/


It is a high quality hackney blade that comes with steel, you should not place it in the dishwasher. throwing a knife like this into the air dry will cause rust stains on it. Its manufacturers suggested carefully washing it with warm water having a small amount of soap then drying it with microfiber cloth before placing it into sheath and store away from pets and children.


Vosteed hackney is a longer knife as compared to normal kiritsuke knife, and it is the perfect option for home and professional kitchens. Its amazing features make it a long lasting and versatile knife for working with various types of ingredients. Furthermore, it has a lower price than other knives so everyone can easily buy it. We highly recommend Vosteed Hackney and aspect that this deep review will provide you with enough information to make your own purchasing decision.

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