Fillet vs Carving Knives – Differences & Common Uses

Filleting and carving knives seem to look the same but there are various characteristics in both types of knife which make them separate from each other.

What is a Fillet Knife?

The word “ fillet ” means a chubby boneless piece of meat and a fillet knife is used to remove bones, tendons and skin from the meat. There are different types of fillet knives available with various flexes in order to make easy and quick work with your blade on bones and join of fishes and it will make exactly the same slices that you want.

More food and less waste will be your end results

Boning and filleting knives are the same ? answer is No. boning knife is used for removing bones from meat whereas the fillet knife is used for removing the bone, cartilage and skin from the meat.

With either a straight or curved blade depending on the use of the knife, the blade is also thinner than a carving knife and allows for enhancing the cutting ability surrounding the bone and muscles.

Having good control while picking out the bone and removing skin and cartilage from skin fillet knives are used for filleting a fish. The traditional blade size of fillet knife’s blade is 15 to 28 cm long which enables them to be perfect for moving easily with backbone and under the skin of fishes.

What is a Carving Knife?

Carving knives are characteristically designed for carving out the exact amount and quality of meat and it is identified because of their sharp points. 

Having a long blade the carving knife cuts through the tendons without any trouble and provides you with a good quantity of meat. 

The carving knives usually use wider blades to keep the direction of straight cuts. It is mostly used for food preparation because its large edges can do a kitchen task quickly and conveniently.

It makes the meat slices very nicely as well as roast, poultry, ham and other cooked meat.

Common Uses of Carving Knive

Carving knives are made for cutting meats like roasts, loins and chops that have fat and connective tissue on them. These knives are also used for removing bones like duck ribs or bones i.e they don’t have speciality, its main purpose is just to cut through meat with their serrated edges without any trouble. If you still think that such a type of blade will be small for handling a large piece of meat then you will be wrong.

Common Uses of Fillet Knives

The main functions of a fillet knife are to cut through the bones without any resistance and to make skinning the fish as easy as possible without shred and damage of meat.

If you try to fillet the fish with a carving knife you results will be broken bones, a lot of fish’s meat damaged and unusable pieces of fish. But fillet knives provide you an easy way of making a slice without tearing up flesh because its thin blade provides you more tangibility as compared to other knives. Furthermore, It’s easy to get under the meat using a regular carving knife.

Difference Between a Carving Knife and a Fillet Knife

Fillet knives are normally smaller and light than carving knives. Fillet knives are an ideal weapon for removing the skin from fishes and slicing the meats into small and thin pieces. Fillet knives are small and having a less surface area can be more difficult for control when you are working with large pieces of meat but nowadays fillet knives are also available in large size for filleting a big fishes.

On the other hand, carving knives are larger in size and have more sturdy construction. These knives are better for various tasks like carving a roast or making thick cuts of meat as I mentioned in the above carving knife heading. Carving knives are large and have a big surface area and give you easy control on the knife while cutting.

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Fillet and other knives are ideal for chubby/meaty things. You can also use fillet and carving knives for other stuff like bread or large roast. Fillet knives play an important role in fine and precise cutting. Many things are difficult to handle with a carving knife like duck or rib bones so in that case fillet knives are ideal because fillet knives have thin blades and long handles. It has speciality in making deep cuts as compared to other knives. Fillet knife is our recommended knife.

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