How Much Do Kitchen Knives Cost -Recommended Cost Range

When it comes to kitchen or chef knives then you need to pay from 10 dollars to 1000 dollars or maybe more. Budget knives can work and are basically care free. Furthermore, spending more will provide you with a type of knife which will last for a long time and maybe it is also a work of art too. Our cutting board experts also agree that the best place for optimal action is in the middle which is around 50 to 100$.

Why Knife Cost What They Cost

Is that enough money for $50 to 100$? No worries, we will argue that knives are a bargaining product. Think about that you probably use your knife a lot, possibly more than any other single tool in your kitchen. Now consider the fact that you can pay $50 for a coffee mug or that your Dutch oven sets you back at least $200. Now the mid range knife is looking great. But you need to make sure that you know about what you are paying for.

The Types of Steel

Steel’s type also depends on the knife’s price which is used for making a knife. And you can get really freaky about steel, especially if you start getting into alloys like tungsten. I would like to say here that there are really three types of steel: stainless steel, carbon steel, and high carbon stainless steel. 

The stainless steel is a softer one which makes your knife more durable but beside this, it is harder to maintain their sharp edges. It is stain and corrosion resistant, making it easy to maintain. The actual advantage of carbon steel is their hardness which enables the users to sharpen the razor easily and come at a more reasonable price than stainless steel. 

But the negative side of carbon steel is, it is more prone to rust and chipping. The most accessible, best-quality knives are made of high-carbon stainless steel and they combine the best of carbon steel knives and stainless steel knives such as The vegetable Butcher.


There are many other things which impact the cost of knives and the handle is one of them. The handle is made up of plastic to fiberglass. Some chefs like Mayer handles which are similar to wooden handles but it’s not as durable or easy to clean as plastic, composite and even stainless steel. Rubber grip knives will obviously be less expensive than rosewood knives.

Branding and Retail Costs

With almost anything you’re buying, knives included, branding plays a good role on it. When you buy anything from a reputable brand which means you’re paying to get some quality product. And if you go to the store, then you will need to pay on retail makeup. These are the expenses which you need to be patient with. A kitchen shop often offers a chance to try out a bundle of different knives and has a range of quality that you can expect.


No doubt, craftsmanship plays an important role as well as the price of knives. Like you can see the major difference between stamp knives which are created using cookie cutter models while the forged knives are manufactured using more time and labor and give good balance and require higher price. Furthermore, There’s all sorts of other stuff, like multiple smothers, which can add to the price of the knife. Beside this, there is a separate story for custom knives and these knives are very costly.

Final Verdict

Mostly we get only those things for that we pay for, but still if you want to buy a solid and functional knife then you should stay away from the extras fancy Damascus steel and you can catch a decent knife in the price of $50 to $100 range.

A Few Budget Friendly Knives Which We Love

If you’re looking for chef knives in this lovely space, here are some that we love, or that we featured in the current month’s series, 20 Cooks, 20 Knives. Each of these is a knife that someone has found amazing and empirical.

Type of KnifeRecommended Cost Range
Chef Knife$50 – $300
Paring Knife$10 – $180
Utility Knife$20 – $60
Bread Knife$30 – $80
Slicing Knife$60 – $125
Carving Knife$50 – $200
Meat Cleaver$50 – $150
Boning Knife$30 – $150
Fillet knife$30 – $150

How to Shop for a Knife Which is Right For You

But before you buy, remember that what makes a good knife for someone else will definitely not make a perfect knife for you. It is very important to go and try the knife yourself before buying. 

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