Who’s the Best Fillet vs. Deba Knives Comparison

In this article we will talk about Fillet vs Deba knife. Basically deba is japanese fillet knives having a single cater sharp corner on each side at different angles, it depends on how you are using it. Deba knives are specially designed for separating the meat of fish from skin and bones.

The normal fillet knife blade is made up of carbon steel and it requires continued greasing job and maintenance to prevent it from rusting. While advanced fillet knives are made up of stainless steel and they are easier to maintain. The measurement of blade is between 150mm and 280mm and because of these differences your fillett will have a different consistency and structure

Stainless steel knives are made in Japan by blacksmiths and these knives are best for filleting a fish. Due to the expertise of these companies the blade becomes sharpened and allows you to make perfect and precise fillets. They provide you different designs having unique qualities like shape of blade, their thickness, flexibility and toil.

Deba Knife vs Fillet Knife

Deba Knife is a wider width and less flexible knife that is more adaptable than other traditional knives. It is a multi-task knife that can be used for both filleting and filleting fish heads so the Deba Knife allows you to complete the filleting process from start to finish.

On the other hand, the deba fillet knife styles lack the length and flexibility for fast filleting as compared to other Japanese fillet knives. Its blade is not thin enough, so people find it a bit difficult to make a precise cut.

Filleting a fish with a normal style fillet knife is more elegant, effective and efficient as compared to deba knives. But still there is a need to consider some facts about the type and size of fish you are going to fillet. Large fish require a longer knife than a boning knife or deba knife and our recommended knife is yanagiba.

Deba Knife For Filleting Fish

The Deba Bocho is a more established japanese fillet knife as compared to other western style japanese fillet knives. These knives are used to decapitate, behead and fillet the fish. The deba fillet knives come with sturdy blades which allow to fillet the fish easily without any hurdle. Furthermore the curvity and bevel of knife enable us to separate the fillet from bones.

Best Deba Knife for Filleting Fish

Kai Seki Magoroku Kinju Japanese Deba Knife is a strong and versatile fillet knife. It has a 6 inch blade which is very useful and can fillet all fishes from small to medium sizes. It will be fully packed and have an elegant look when it arrives at your place because it is made with original Japanese steel.


Traditional knives usually have a hard blade, these knives are great for cutting almost any type of meat but are not ideal for filleting delicate fish bones. The best Japanese knives have a thin and flexible blade that can go under the meat and bend easily to create a perfect slice. Additionally, a Japanese fillet knife can slide through the meat and it separates the meat from the bones, but a standard knife can get caught in the meat and result in ridges.

Length of Blade

If you plan to cook a lot of fish, you should have several Japanese fillets available in your depot. Larger knives are generally used for larger fish and a smaller knife would be ideal if you are cutting smaller fish. Make sure you’re using a knife that matches the length of the fish, about half an inch longer than that.


Japanese fillet knives are sharpest knives In tool shed. Normally they don’t have a bolster that keeps your fingers from accidents. It is important to check the fillet knife’ handle when you buy it from an online store because finding a good, sturdy and non slippery handle is very difficult. You can use reviews on products as a guidance before buying it.

Single vs Double Bevel

Single vs Double bevel refers to knives blade as It is single and double sided angle of blade toward its edge. If we compare both bevels, a single bevel is easy to use for precise cutting. While filleting the fish you can flatten the edge of the knife and make a clean horizontal cut to get a perfect fillet. 

On the other hand, the double bevel blade is used for general purposes and enables precise cutting like single bevel. It is not a problem for all cases, it depends on what type of fish you are using. Simply we can say that double bevel is not bad but single is perfect and used by professional people to precise fillets.

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