Which Knife is Best Peeling vs. Paring – Differences and Similarities

Peeling and paring knives are the most famous knives that are used in the kitchen. Both knives have advantages and disadvantages but you can select one of them or both as per your requirement. Here we also provide a comparison table between peeling knife vs paring knife in order to make an easy decision for you. 

A paring knife has a blade angled toward its handle so when you grab the knife with your hand, you can push down the blade with your thumb to cut food, fruit, vegetable and other food items. These types of knives are good for peeling work but you can also use them for chopping, slicing and other daily kitchen tasks.

While on the other side, the paring knife has more pointed tips that work nicely for slicing like fish and meat slicing. They are usually sold in sets of two, and one side of the blade is curved to make sure it fits in your hand when you grasp it. But it does not mean that you used it for peeling, still you can use it for other tasks such as slicing.

What is Peeling Knife

Peeling knives demands a proper practice from their user before they start working with it. Those people are experts at peeling knives. They really enjoy working with it but others find it frustrating because they need to push down the blade with their thumb. 

This is not specifically used for slicing, chopping and other kitchen tasks, it means you will need to hold the knife with various angles just like you use different knives. The main purpose of peeling knives is peeling and you will not get the same results by using a paring knife.

peeling knife

What is Paring Knife

Paring knife is not very different from peeling but it is particularly designed for kitchen tasks like: slicing and chopping. It can’t do the proper peeling just like peeling a knife. You feel difficulty and you can not even slice some foods like potatoes.

paring knife

Similarities : Peeling Knife vs Paring Knife

Both knives are designed for peeling and slicing the food. Furthermore, it is also used for different tasks like vegetable, fruit cutting and dividing them into small pieces. 

Which Knife is Best for You? Peel or Paring

If you are looking for a knife that is durable, easy to use and versatile then you should go with a peeling knife. But if you are looking for only peeling then go with a paring knife. Still you are unable to make a decision about the buying of a knife then you should use both knives before buying it.

Differences Between Peeling Knife vs Paring Knife


Peeling knife is used for fruit and vegetable cutting and it is very easy to use. On the other hand, the paring knife is used for working with meat and you need more time for cleaning it than a peeling knife.


Peeling knives are made up of stainless steel while the paring knife is made of carbon steel and now you can estimate the differences in both knives’ durability. The carbon knife’s life is not more than 1 or 2 years but the stainless steel knife can be used for many years having perfect sharpness. There are also chances to break down the paring knife because carbon steel is more brittle.

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The peeling knife is heavy in weight as compared to a paring knife so it’s difficult to use for long duration in standing position. You will not face any difficulty if you are using a knife for peeling a fruit or vegetable but it may be a little bit harsh if you are using it on fish due to the heavy weight of the knife.


The peeling knife is sharper than the paring knife. The tip of the peeling knife is sharp enough to work with various things like vegetables and fruit. You can also use it for working with meat, chicken and fish etc.


A paring knife has a straighter, shorter and narrower blade than a paring knife. Moreover, it does not have curved edges either. When we are saying that the blade is straight, it means that it is not curved towards the handle. A paring knife has a curved blade and is sharp enough to peel a variety of foods. It has a curved blade on the side of the handle that allows users to use the thumb to press the knife onto the food. It also has a long blade to reach the center of the food.


As per a lot of features in peeling knives, it is more expensive than paring knives. It is designed for peeling various types of fruits and vegetables. Moreover, it is made with special stainless steel which retains its sharpness for many years.

Paring knives are not meant to be used for flake off, and are made of carbon steel. This means they aren’t as durable as peeling knives, and they won’t stay sharp as long. They are also more expensive because they are made of carbon steel.

Final Verdict

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time preparing your food, a peeling knife would be the best option for you. These knives are perfect for peeling vegetables and fruits without any kitchen setup. But if you feel that you have enough space in the kitchen and want to enjoy your preparation moments, then paring knife will be great for you. It is also easy to use, clean and store.

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