A Guide to Culinary Precision about Best 8″ Chef Knife 2024

For maintaining a proper fully functional kitchen a sharp, durable, and reliable chef knife is very essential. The versatility of this knife is great  for cooking and preparation tasks. It can be used as a meal toolkit, we make it sure that it contains all the essential positive aspects to be enough important and choice of yours. Our top choice  the Wusthof Classic 8-inch  Chef’s knife comes within a suitable range of price or you can read our following review for the selection of best of the knife. We make sure to provides you with every detail. Here is our list of top 8-inches chef knife.

Top 6 Gyuto Knives

1. Wusthof Classic 8-Inch Chef’s Knife – Editor’s Choice

It’s a kind of blade which provides you with an excellent balance and a wide range of versatility to be able to use it for everything from cutting up a pineapple to getting perfect sized herbs for your next meal.

Wusthof Classic 8-Inch Chef’s Knife Specifications

Price Range$160-$170
BalanceWell balanced
Manufacturing CountryGermany
WarrantyLifetime Wusthof Guarantee Against Material and Manufacturing Defects
Most suitable forIntense kitchens that need a workhorse; this knife is a fantastic all-rounder. Cabbage, herbs, fish, meat.
Total Knife Length (In/cm)12.5 / 31.75
Knife Weight (Oz/Gr)11.1 / 314.68
Blade Length (Inches)8
Blade Height (Inches)1.06
Blade MaterialHigh Carbon Stainless Steel
Blade FlexibilityNot very flexible
TangFull Tang
Blade EdgeDouble bevel
Blade angle20 degrees per side
HRC (Rockwell Hardness)58
Handle FeelErgonomic
Handle MaterialResilient synthetic handle, riveted
Handle ColorBlack

About the knife

 An important characteristic of a knife is its ability to be used  for various kitchen  tasks. It can range from mincing meat lobes  to chopping and cutting of vegetables for salad preparation. So it becomes extremely important that the knife has durability and reliability needed, and this knife meets all your demands. The knife may not be flexible upto the mark. It offers you with hardness of metal, ease of cleaning. It is the best solution for all of your kitchen problems.

Maintenance and Cleaning

The knife is not suitable for the dishwasher. The stainless steel blade can be damaged when left to air dry after washing it with water. It is advised to hand wash and dry this blade to ensure longevity.


  • Well-maintained features for pretty much any use. The handle material is very good to reduce slipping or wrist wear.
  • Lifetime warranty is provided.


  • The blade is extremely sharp.
  • Rusting will occur if left in water.
  • It might be too heavy.

2. Mercer Culinary Renaissance 8” Chef’s Knife

A comfortable kitchen tool to work with that includes a triple-riveted and ergonomic handle.

Mercer Culinary Renaissance 8” Chef’s Knife Specifications

BrandMercer Culinary
Price Range$55-$70
BalanceWell Balanced
Manufacturing CountryTaiwan
WarrantyLimited Lifetime Warranty
Most suitable forAll-around – slicing and dicing meat, vegetables, fruits, and herbs
Total Knife Length (In/cm)15/38.10
Cleaver Weight (Oz/Gr)9.1/257.98
Blade Length (Inches)8
Blade Height (Inches)1.9375
Blade MaterialHigh-carbon stainless steel
Blade FlexibilityUnknown
TangFull Tang
Blade EdgeDouble Bevel
Blade angle15 degrees on each side
HRC (Rockwell Hardness)56+/-1
Handle FeelErgonomic
Handle MaterialDelrin
Handle ColorBlack

About the knife

Price  is an excellent plus point of this knife. Due to low price it may lack some the features. More flexibility in Mercer options and limited lifetime warranty is provided. It is in our priority list because the hard stainless steel  which is high carbon makes it a strong contender  for top of our list  and we can assure you it is worth more than its price. You will notice the precision it provides. Probably due to thin blade, but you get the exact cut with this whenever the edge is hardened.

Maintenance and Cleaning

This is another blade that is not to be placed in the dishwasher because of the high-carbon steel. Instead, only hand drying and washing, then is should be safely stored.


  • More flexibility for working with more ingredients.
  • Marvellous high-carbon steel material construction.
  • The reasonable price point for all the features you are getting.


  • Only a limited warranty instead of the lifetime.
  • The blade should  be a little harder for durability.
  • The blade will rust if placed in water.

3. Mac Knife Professional 8” Chef Knife

A chef’s knife is designed to be versatile enough to be able to meet your demands in the kitchen with any food you want.

Mac Knife Professional 8” Chef Knife Specifications

BrandMac Knife
Price Range$145 – $175
BalanceWell Balanced
Manufacturing CountryUSA
WarrantyLimited 25-Years

Most suitable for
Can cut, slice, and dice any food.Especially good for sticky food like potatoes,apples, and summer squashbecause of the dimples on the blade
Total Knife Length (In/cm)12.62/32.05
Knife Weight (Oz/Gr)6.5/184.27
Blade Length (Inches)7.88
Blade Height (Inches)1.88
Blade thickness/width (Inches)0.098
Blade MaterialAlloy Steel
Blade FlexibilitySlightly Flexible
TangFull Tang
Blade EdgeHollow
Blade angleAround 12
HRC (Rockwell Hardness)60-61
Handle FeelErgonomic
Handle MaterialPakkaWood
Handle ColorSilver

About the knife

Having an American-made blade on our lists is a pleasant surprise. Stamped knives are typically used by US-based manufacturers, which can result in a drop in quality. However, this is not the case with the Mac Knife. Regarding this superb chef’s knife, there are two things you should keep in mind. First of all, it is made especially to function with foods that are stickier. so that when cooking an autumnal meal, the squash won’t stick to the sides. The hollow edge is the other. This results in a construction that is lighter and thinner without compromising on versatility or cut quality.

Maintenance and Cleaning 

Because of the hollow edge, avoid putting this blade in the dishwasher and sharpen it slowly as the alloy steel will rust.


  • Proper hardness and lightweight.
  • Great balance point for a lighter knife.
  • sticky foods are no more problems.


  • A bit pricier for this kind of  blade.
  • The handle could be slightly longer.
  • Non-sticky side makes people forget to clean properly.

4. Aisyoko Chef Knife 8’’ Chef Knife – Best Damascus 8-Inch Chef Knife

A fully loaded and top notch  quality Japanese craftwork with the sharpness and a lot of versatility required in most of the kitchen.

Aisyoko Chef Knife 8’’ Chef Knife Specifications

Price Range$80 – $90
BalanceWell balanced
Manufacturing CountryChina
Warranty30 days refund, replacement and lifetime warranty
Most suitable forSlicing, dicing, and cutting a wide variety of fruits and veggies.
Total Knife Length13.90/35.31 (In/cm)
Knife Weight (Oz/Gr)7.80/221.13 (Oz/Gr)
Blade Length (Inches)8
Blade Height (Inches)1.96
Blade thickness/width (Inches)0.86
Blade Material67 layers Damascus high carbon stainless steel
Blade FlexibilityNot flexible
TangFull tang
Blade EdgeV-edge
Blade angle10-15°
HRC (Rockwell Hardness)60±2
Handle FeelErgonomic
Handle MaterialWood
Handle ColorWooden texture

About the knife

I have never seen a more attractive knife than the Aisyoko. A well maintained and well made Damascus steel with all of the trimmings according to Japanese culture. Pattern on the knife tell us about the blade construction and you get a unique v-shaped point for working with ingredients that are a bit tough to be cut with normal knife. It also have additional warranty and cash back  guarantee And it is an excellent gift for any foodie in the family if you like to treat yourself.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Although it  is stainless steel, but it is Damascus quality. Do not put this in the dishwasher to prevent it from rusting. Hand-wash and dry with a microfiber cloth before storing again.


  • Beautiful aesthetic quality.
  • Great sharpness for all kinds of ingredients.
  • Unique Japanese style design.


  • The tip should be a little duller than required.
  • The shape can take a bit to get used to.
  • Easily rusts if left in water for too long.

5. Hezhen Professional 8.3” Chef’s Knife – Best Gyuto 8-Inch Chef Knife

Although the blade is beautifully designed from finger guard to the luxurious gift box.

Hezhen Professional 8.3” Chef’s Knife Specifications

Price Range$57.95-$59.95
BalanceVery light, balanced
Manufacturing CountryChina
WarrantyLifetime warranty against manufacturer defects
Most suitable forBest for occasional home use as an aesthetic choice or presentation
Total Knife Length (In/cm)11 / 27.94
Knife Weight (Oz/Gr)4 / 294.84 
Blade Length (Inches)6
Blade Height (Inches)1.37
Blade MaterialJapanese AUS-8 stainless steel with titanium nitrate non-reflective coating
Blade FlexibilityNot very flexible
TangPartial tang
Blade EdgeDouble bevel
Blade angle15-17 degrees per side
HRC (Rockwell Hardness)58 +-2
Handle FeelGood feel
Handle MaterialPakkawood
Handle ColorDark Knight (Black)

About the knife

The main distinction between the Aisyoko and this Damascus steel blade is that the latter has a full tang, whereas the former has a much harder material. That does not imply, however, that the quality is subpar overall. If anything, this is a beautifully presented blade that is incredibly well-made and appropriate for any kind of gift. It’s ideal for left- or right-handed people due to its double bevel, and it’s sharp enough for sushi!

Maintenance and cleaning

Although the dishwasher is safe, we wouldn’t recommend using it because of the wooden handle and Damascus steel. It is preferable to hand wash and fully dry.


  • Upto the mark  presentation of aesthetic quality.
  • Incredibly sharp, can handle even fish.
  • The unique handle makes it hard to slip or drop.


  • Half tang.
  • The pointy  edge and handle  is dangerous.
  • The handle alloy is unfinished and may need working.

6. Zwilling J.A. Henckels 8-Inch Chef’s Knife – Best 8-Inch Chef Knife for Under $150

A good priced knife which is reliable and efficient upto the mark for any kitchen and any hotel it is excellent.

SunDiao 6” Fillet Knife Specifications

Price Range$115 – $125
BalanceWell Balanced
Manufacturing CountryGermany
WarrantyLimited lifetime warranty
Most suitable forHome chefs who want to take their cooking to the next level
Total Cleaver Length (In/cm)13/33.02
Cleaver Weight (Oz/Gr)11.20/317.51
Blade Length (Inches)8
Blade Height (Inches)5
Blade MaterialSpecial formula high carbon
Blade FlexibilityNot Flexible
TangFull Tang
Blade EdgeDouble Bevel – Convex
Blade angle15° per side
HRC (Rockwell Hardness)57±
Handle FeelErgonomic
Handle MaterialPolypropylene
Handle ColorBlack

About the knife

It’s our kind of a tradition that we place budget knife at the end of our review to please our customers.But this knife is no doubt hand down one of the best starter knife we have ever seen.You will get all of the features of a quality

chef knife at probable price,keeping in view the material.The sharpness and hardness of the knife is unmatchable.The knife is extremely flexible and it will help you develop more skills while cooking and cutting.For a starter chef knife it is an excellent choice.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Should not be washed in dishwasher. Require some sharpening sometimes. You should carefully wash your hands and dry completely with a microfiber cloth.


  • German-made steel doesn’t stain easily.
  • High resilience and durability.
  • Full tang with a good price.


  • Edge may take some work at first.
  • Some buyers get rivets in the handle.
  • The bolster can  be a bit smoother.


Its a knife that you always wanted to have in your kitchen. It offers a lot of versatility while cooking. This list of ours covered so many options that you don’t need to go out of this list if you want any kitchen knife. We highly recommend you with Wusthof Classic 8-inch Chef’s Knife. The material superiority and the knife well roundedness is a great place to start with. We are highly grateful to you and we are thankful to you for reading our review.

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