KnifePlatoon Tested Paring Knives – Here Are Our Favorites

Chef knife is the main characteristic by which a chef is known in the world. Chef cooks a variety of foods and uses different knives to prepare different foods. He selects the best knife which serves him the most in his daily routine. But a chef also knows that even the best knife is suitable for certain choirs only. Because for cooking, peeling and for paring purposes he will use the best paring knife in quality.

But it is not mandatory to be a chef to use a best quality paring knife in doing chores. The only thing you should be clear about is the idea and thought behind this paring knife and once you are familiar with the idea and the concept of this knife you will face no problem and you will be clear in your purpose while using it. We highly suggest you to go through the paring knife guide to learn about the build, specifics and safety requirements of these special knifes, this necessary before going deep into the reviews below. Now we are going to review a few knifes below and you can select any of the knife which suits you best.

Top 5 Paring Knives

1) Henckels Classic 4- Inch Paring Knife

 This is our first pick based on many reviews, best ranking and overall scores and decent pricing.

Price Range$35-$60
Balancewell balanced
Manufacturing countrySpain
Warranty Limited lifetime warranty
Most suitable forFrom peeling apples to removing blemishes, slicing vegetables and roasted meats, this is very handful and best placed on your breakfast table.
Maintenance Safe to use in the dishwasher can also be easily washed with water and soap.
Total knife length(in/cm)11/27.94
Knife weight(Oz/Gr)2.89/81.93
Blade length(inches)4
Blade height(inches)1
Blade thickness/width (inches)3.75
Blade materialstainless steel
Blade flexibility not very flexible
Tangfull tang
Blade shapespear point
Blade angle15-20 degrees
Handle FeelErgonomic, traditional triple-rivet handle provides balance and comfort
Handle Materialstainless steel
Handle ColourBlack

About the Knife

The Henckels Classic 4-inch Paring Knife is a top -quality and top of the line European knife with a very sleek and fine edge blade whose sharpness is long lasting and well defined. No matter whether the cook is professional or amaeture it will fit easily into the hands due to classic shape and balance of its ergonomic handle. The price of this knife is average not so expensive not so cheap, it is ideal for many small different tasks.


  • It is easy to handle and use.
  • It is value to money.
  • Sharp blade with long lasting sharpness.


  • The grip is well placed after having some practice.

2) Victorinox 4- Inch Swiss Classic Paring Knife

A well known brand with multiple use paring knife with a very unique design.


Price range$9+$11
Balancewell balanced
Manufacturing country Switzerland 
WarrantyLifetime warranty against defects in material and craft
Most suitable forA multitask blade for peeling fruits and vegetables peeling shrimp skins, yet suitable for bigger jobs like chopping, slicing, and dicing
Maintenance Hand-wash with water, soap, and cloth, dry immediately. Home is recommended after some uses.
Total knifelength(in/cm)8.5/21.59
Knife weight(Oz/Gr)1/28.35
Blade length(inches)4
Blade height(inches)0.66
Blade thickness/width(inches)0.75
Blade materialstainless steel 
Blade flexibility Not very flexible
TangPartial Tang
Blade shapeSpear point
Blade angleN/A
Handle FeelErgonomic, Sure grip, Easy handling
Handle Materialpolypropylene
Handle ColourBlack/Green/Red/Yellow

About the Knife

As we know Victorinox is a famous brand for production of army knives, but it performs really well in the chef’s knives field. The Victorinox 4- inch Swiss Classic Paring Knife is a wonderfully designed knife for precise and accurate cutting, slicing, dicing, peeling, and many more things which we need to cut. The knife has a beautifully forged straight-edge blade which makes the knife versatile and enhances its looks. You can easily cut vegetables, and slice fruits effortlessly. It can also be used to core an apple or guavas, remove seeds from it and trim the spices with delicacy and with design. The knife is very good for everyday heavy use and can be used for anything tougher or for simple cutting. It is recommended to sharpen the blade from time to time because it is necessary for smooth cutting and preventing it from rapid dulling.


  • It is a multitask knife which is used for a wide range of things.
  • Have a uniquely forged blade design.
  • Great for garnishing purposes.


  • Need time to time sharpening.

3)Mercer Culinary Renaissance Forged, 3.5 Inch Paring Knife.

It is a firm, fit and comfortable with great efficiency.


BrandMercer Culinary
Price Range $25-$30
Balance well balanced
Manufacturing country Taiwan
WarrantyLimited lifetime warranty
Most suitable forGreat for slicing and dicing vegetables, bacon, carving roasted meat, and elegantly paring thin slices of fruits and garnishes
Maintenance Hand-wash with water and soap, dry immediately after
Total knife length(in/cm)10.63/27
Knife weight(Oz/Gr)2.08/58.97
Blade length(inches)3.5
Blade height(inches)4.12
Blade thickness/width(inches)1
Blade materialhigh carbon German steel
Blade flexibility N/A
TangFull Tang
Blade ShapeSpear point
Blade angle15
HRC(Rockwell Hardness)56+/-1
Handle FeelErgonomic, comfort grip
Handle MaterialDelrin
Handle ColourBlack

About the Knife

It’s a genius combination of precise balance , a high carbon  blade and a safe grip. It provides you with a comfortable holding and steadiness while chopping and cutting this is due to presence of full- tang blade and triple-riveted handle. Stainless steel material is used for the manufacturing of short blade which gives a sharp and strong blade which neither leaves its color nor get rusted. The overall fits help in efficient use of knife without tiring over time.


  • Provides you with a quality design which offers you a comfortable use.
  • Safe and very easy to handle.
  • Stain- resistant and long lasting blade due to efficient forging.


  • It is not safe in the dishwasher and it needs proper care.

4) TUO Ring Lite Paring Knife 3.5 inch

Comparatively smaller but better in functionality.


Price Range $22 -$30
Balancewell balanced
Manufacturing countryChina
WarrantyLifetime warranty
Most suitable forTechnically, this knife is designed mainly to peel fruits and vegetables. The short and sharp edge is ideal for carving and garnishing smaller types of food, precision cutting, slicing, and removing kernels
Maintenance Handwashing gentlywith water and soapuse a soft cloth to dry
Total knife length(in/cm)8.94/22.71
Knife weight(Oz/Gr)4.91/138.91
Blade length(inches)3.5
Balde height(inches)0.86
Blade thickness/width ( inches)3.03
Blade material stainless steel
Blade flexibility Not very flexible
Tangfull tang
Blade shapeSpear point 
Straight/serrated straight 
Blade angle15
Handle FeelErgonomic handle shape for maximum comfort, grip and maneuverability 
Handle MaterialPakkawood
Handle ColourRing lite

About the Knife

Don’t be fooled by this knife’s exquisite design. The 3.5-inch TUO Ring Lite Paring Knife is a superb professional tool that’s mostly used for garnishing and peeling. Made of ergonomic Pakkawood, the short yet sturdy edge is joined by an AUS-8 stainless steel handle. The end product is a sturdy, comfortable knife that can be used to carve and create exquisite garnishes and dishes. The short blade provides accuracy, and the handle provides stability. The TUO Ring Lite Paring Knife 3.5 inch makes it simple to peel and slice fruits and vegetables, so if style and decoration are important to you, this is the knife for you. To add even more style, the knife comes with a sophisticated gift box.


  • Accurate handling is provided by the short handle.
  • Stylish design makes it appear beautiful.
  • Its sharp blade provides stylish results.
  • High quality material is used for its making.


  • Not safe for the dishwasher.
  • Blade may catch rust if not well maintained.

5) TUO Fiery Series Bird-Beak Paring Knife


Price Range $15-$25
Balance well balanced
Manufacturing countryChina
Warranty Lifetime warranty
Most suitable forThis versatile knife is uniquely designed to peel all kinds of veggies and fruits, and also to carve food, devein and fillet small fish and seafood, cleaning and remove potato sprouts
Maintenance Hand Wash carefully with water and soap use a cloth to dry after washing.
Total knife length(in/cm)10.2/25.91
knof weight(Oz/Gr)7.2/204.12
blade length(inches)2.5
Blade height(inches)1
Blade thickness/width(inches)2.6
Blade material alloy steel
Blade Flexibility flexible 
Tangfull tang
Blade shape bird’s beak
Blade angle15
Handle FeelErgonomic handle shape for maximum comfort grip and maneuverability
Handle Material Pakkawood
Handle ColourFiery Phoenix

About the Knife

Every knife design created by TOU’s knife designs are always conceived to meet particular needs and develop the best solution. The TUO Fiery Series Bird-Beak Paring Knife is no different. The unique bird-beak design makes vegetable peeling an easy task and even faster than using a vegetable peeler. Much more than that, the high-carbon German steel blade is perfect for many different accurate choirs such as coring a small pepper, garnishing, precise slicing of fruits, and even creating decorative dishes for kids and adults. Aside from the shape, the blade is razor-sharp, and the Pakkawood handle is ergonomic and comfy is intended to address specific requirements and provide the best possible outcome. This also applies to the TUO Fiery Series Bird-Beak Paring Knife. Peeling vegetables is a simple task that is even faster than using a vegetable peeler thanks to the unusual bird-beak design. Furthermore, the high-carbon German steel blade is ideal for numerous precise tasks like coring a tiny pepper, garnishing, precisely slicing fruits, and even making dishes that are meant to look good for both adults and children. Aside from its shape, the Pakkawood handle is comfortable and ergonomic, and the blade is razor sharp.


  • A knife which can be used for various purposes.
  • A very versatile design.
  • unique design for accurate and swift working.
  • manufactured from top notch materials.


  • Not good for dishwasher
  • May need some practice initially for using the knife.


There are a plethora of brands, styles, needs, and applications available for paring knives. There is a wide range of options with varying price points and technical specifications. We selected our top five products based on what we believe to be outstanding, user-friendly, safe, and offering excellent value for the money. Recall that there are numerous applications for paring knives, and in the end, it is entirely up to you to select the appropriate knife within your allocated budget.

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